Weekend Adventures

First off, I absolutely LOVE long weekends.  Although ours was jam-packed (even today when I’m off!) I wouldn’t trade a thing about it!  Mike was off too (a rare treat!) so we got to do a lot of fun stuff as a family...in between my excessive amount of photo shoots!  And, how gigantic does my new lens look next to Scoots?!  #HUGE.

Saturday morning Mike got home with donuts (our fave!) and we indulged before I was off to my first photo shoot of the weekend.  When I got home Mike went to sleep (cause he worked till 7am) and the kiddos and I packed up and headed to the Kirkwood Police Station for their family day with our buddies the Polans...who the night before we also met up with and indulged in the last day of the 2016 ice cream season at our favorite establishment, the Custard Station.

I should note that Ro's outfit Friday was amazing and I am officially even more obsessed with June & January than I was before and I want every.single.thing. they make!

Patrick had a blast at the police station with his buddy Emma, especially playing in the holding cell in the police station!!

We can home for naps (and apparently it was no clothes Saturday as well...and Patrick was obsessed (or still IS!) with my Google Cardboard) and then got ready and headed to Matt and Katie's housewarming party.

The kids had an absolute BLAST there and completely crashed as soon as we got home (well, Patrick crashed on the way there too!) because they played SO HARD.  Haha!  There were so many kids there that they just had so much fun with!

I had another photo shoot yesterday morning, and once that was over I headed home and picked up Patrick to take him to my school's Fall Festival.

I left Ro and Mike at home because I thought it'd be easier to just take Patrick (spoiler: it was) and since I'm not suppose to lift Rosie I'm really trying to resist the places I take her that'll tempt me to do so.

Patrick had a BLAST.  He got to meet the UA bear, play in the bouncy house, paint a pumpkin, eat hot dogs and pickles, and so much more!  I'm sure he wished we'd have stayed longer!

After naps I had ANOTHER photo shoot before we headed off to Sunday dinner at my wonderful in-laws to celebrate (early!) my sister-in-law Erin's upcoming birthday.

Patrick didn't want to leave and threw a pretty good fit (which means = HE IS TIRED!) and we finally got him to go home and he crashed.  Mike was off today as was I, so we planned on going to the Zoo!  But we're doofuses and realized that Patrick STILL had school!  Haha!  So we dropped him off at school and did a solo-kid adventure to the Zoo with just Ro.

Again, her June & January outfits are just my FAVE.  Sorry not sorry for the overposting of them, uh, all the time from now on.

Ro boat had a blast at the Zoo with just her two parents -- we did feel a bit guilty that Patrick wasn't with us but we knew that he was having a blast at school.  Rosie definitely had a blast with us today (even though her RB face was IN FULL FORCE today) and promptly crashed on the way home.  Haha.

So yep, that about sums up our weekend adventures! 'Twas a busy one but a good one!  I have mild anxiety looking ahead to the next several weeks with again how busy we are, but I'm trying to take it in stride, enjoy everything -- even the chaos -- and remember it'll be over in a blink and I'll look back and miss it.

Anyways, that's all I've got for this Monday...I have yet another photo shoot this evening so I'm really racking them in!  People love their fall pics!  Have a great week friends!

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