Bath Snaps, Per Request

Last night as all three kiddos were taking a bath, Patrick KEPT ASKING ME to take pictures ^^^  I mean, who am I to turn down a photog request, right?!? So I happily obliged...and grabbed my camera!

Mike even snuck a behind the scenes snap of me snapping...but, once again, these bath pics are proving to be some of my most favorite things to capture!

Aren't they funny?!? Ro was all about tossing that water on Annie and Patrick, which is hilarious cause usually she's kind of meh about bath snappies. 

Anyways, so much I love about this -- their love for taking siblings baths (who knows how long those will last...cause already most nights Patrick asks to take a shower...), love for bath pics, and love for each other.  Gah, there goes my mommy heart melting.

Oh, speaking of, while I'm on that cute was Annie with Gramps yesterday?!?

She sure loves her Gramps!

And Ro, Ro sure loves her NeeNee too :)

Anyways, that's all I've got for now...have a great one friends!

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