The Countdown Is On...

Well friends, the countdown is officially ON for Disney World!  We leave in less than 24 hours and

I do have a birth mama who's not being induced till Sunday so unless she goes tonight (fingers crossed for that!!) looks like I'm going to miss it :( But I have an awesome backup photog so I know she'll be in good snappin' hands!

We did a little photo shoot at our fave MOD pizza the other night to promote TinySuperheroes (free pizza 1 per customer on Friday, 3/9 at the Kirkwood MOD and a percentage of each goes to TinySuperheroes!  How awesome is that?!? So if you're local go grab some pizza tomorrow that's FREE and benefiting my fave TinySuperheroes!). 

The big kiddos had so much fun eating pizza and these two still have ZERO (I mean ZEROOOO) clue that we are heading to Disney World THIS WEEKEND!  OMG I cannot wait for their worlds to be completely rocked when we pull in on Saturday.  I am hoping to livestream it when we tell them where we're really going!  Stay tuned for that :)

We hit up Happy Joe's earlier this week and all was going well was time to go.  Rosie was NOT having

I debating even sharing this video but, REAL LIFE PEOPLE...I don't want you to think things are always sunshine and rainbows 'round these parts.  We have meltdowns.  People cry and lose their shiz (and quite frequently), just keepin' it real!

Is this little butterball not the cutest little snoozing thing EVER?!  I am feeling a smidgen guilty about not taking her to Disney with us...but I know we'll be back one day (probably soon!) and she'll be able to join us for the fun then.  And she'll get spoiled by the grandparents this next week anyways, right?! RIGHT.

You know I love me some comparison snaps!  Anything look familiar in these?!??!  NeeNee, Rosie, and Annie all wearing that baby ring!  How cute are they?! Minus my mom's RB face....eekkk.  But yes, I love this shot, and I should mention how hard it was to get a semi-decent iPhone snap of Annie wearing a ring. Ha!

Welcome to my life Ro...never will I ever pee alone again.

Speaking of Rosie, she is LOOOOOOVING her big girl bed SO MUCH.  I actually just ordered these for the big kids' bunk beds and I can't wait for them to come in!  Rosie has developed a love for 'mingos' and her Godmama Lauren gave her this mingo last year for her birthday so she snuggles with it every single night!  Her 3rd birthday party in a few weeks is mingo themed too :)

That morning golden hour was looking amazing earlier this week and it was only semi-chilly out, so the big kiddos got some snaps before we headed off to school.  I love how they are okay with me taking pics of them (alllll of the time it seems) and I really hope they are this cooperative with my Disney momtog assault that is a'comin' at them.

I was wanting to try some added sunflare pics so I had Patrick jump around for me in that afternoon light at NeeNee's but it really wasn't the effect I was going for so I scraped it...but I got some cute pics of my big guy!

And lastly, I'll leave you with new self-portrait:

I may or may not have peed myself doing this.  Woops.  So worth it though.  I took this myself too -- thank you remote shutter on my iPhone!

Welp friends, that's all I've got for this Thursday afternoon.  Less than 24 hours and we'll be on our way to Disney World! I cannot waittttt!!!  If you're not FB friends with me you can follow me by clicking on this link and hitting the follow button at the top of my profile...that way you can see the livestream I'm hopefully going to do that'll be public on our way to Disney.

Have a great one friends!

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