It's March 24th.  And this is my 9th post of the month. NINTH!  Last month I had 24 January I had 25!  And this month I feel like I'm going to be lucky if I hit 10!  The last time I had this few of posts in a month was when I HAD A BABY.  And, as much as I would love #4, he/she is not in the anytime immediate future so I can't use that as an excuse.  Frankly, there really isn't any 'good' excuse other than I just have been so incredibly busy!!  Last week alone, even with the big kids gone, was SOOOO busy!  A birth, fresh 48, newborn session and then this massively huge yearbook deadline (which I hit the final submission button on today so yay we're done with that!)...and yes, just SO BUSY.

The big kiddos are back (!!!) and gosh I missed them so much!  - Gigantic photodump from their trip was just posted (woot, go me, 2 blog posts in one day!) and oh boy what a fun trip they had!  We actually just put them down and I'm considering following their to bed lead as soon as I'm done with this post! I don't know if it's the weather or what but boy I feel drainedddd today.  I had this adorable 2 year old's pics today and even though it rained and was icky we still made the best of it and got them done.  WOOOOOT!

Anyways, I thought I'd do a quick little recap/update since I last posted on Tuesday (gosh, seriously, such a slacker this month!!) with what we've been up to!

First up, snapped this birth, this Fresh 48this newborn, and snappin' another studio shoot for Mitz Kids all last week.  GOLLY I LOVE MY JOB.  Births and new babes are my passion and calling and I know that I've found my dream job!

I should also mention ^^^ these guys!  BIG things are on the horizon for Pics & Paws (more on that later), but I'm doing a few new things this spring, and two of them are posted above! Momtog class and a very special round of minis!  If you want to sign up for either of these, click here!  Not too many spots still available.

Speaking of photos, I paid my OB a visit this week (yearly checkup. Yay women's health!) and would ya lookie what I spotted on the walls and on the table?! My pics and business cards! WOOOOOT! 

I was clearly super duper thrilled to see these :)

Okay!  Phew!  Where was I!?  Ah, yes, a little synopsis of our (or my?!) crazy busy week.

Two things on the school front: first off, today my students finished their spreads for the yearbook and it is officially SUBMITTED! WOOOOOT!! First time in MANY years it's been submitted ON TIME.  Secondly, as shown above, some of my students won an honorable mention in the Missouri Chamber of Commerce's Show Me Manufacturing video contest!  How cool is that??!  I thought their Bissinger's video was AWESOME.

My students also made me into a SPOT ON bitmoji too so that needed to be shared here.

I took advantage of a killer sale ($28 for that canvas!!) and got Rosie in front of Cinderella's castle blown up...and now it's hanging in our family room.  Scooter was modeling the size reference for me.  It is BIGGGG.

I had a studio shoot for Mitz Kid's new design (check it out here) and since we finished up a smidgen early I snapped a few pics of Annie there...and then got some of Mike and her and Annie and me!  Again, studios aren't 'my thing' but they are fun to snap in every once in a while!

Gosh aren't those adorable?! Oh Annie girl, those dimples are gonna make you go places, I just know it.

Annnnnndddd speaking of photo shoots, we've had quite a few little impromptu ones lately... you know, cause I wasn't busy enough snapping pics of other people!  Haha!  But you know I love me some picture takings so I had to take advantage of my two available subjects.

So dang cute, right??!!  So biased am I!

Oh, I also did my first ever (I think??!) introduction on Instagram and I think it was pretty spot on...I posted this pic with the description below, with a new little career path note too that I'll touch more on in a future post :)

I’m taking my dear friend @tlovesr’s lead and doing a little #introductionFriday! Pretty sure I’ve never done one of these...ever 🤔

Anyways! I’m Alex! 👋🏼 mama to 3 humans (Patrick @snapsbypatrick, Rosie, & Annie) + 1 furchild (@Scooter_the_dog) who seem to pretty much take up 99% of my feed. My amazingly awesome and supportive hubby is Mike, and I’d be completely lost without him. I’m the tech specialist at a private girls’ high school in STL as well as a full-time photographer (@picsandpawsphotography)...which lately has been alllllll about snappin’ births and fresh new babes! I’m having a bit of a career shift come August and I am actually totally freaking pumped for it — I’ll be going part-time and just teaching online while I get to focus all of my time to my kiddos and photography! I truly feel like I am living my dream job and cannot imagine doing anything else!

I love Instagram probably more than I should — the addition of stories made me incredibly happy cause Instagram > Snapchat, I absolutely love social media and have found such GOOD in it...including “internet” turned IRL friends, I blog a lot, I take a ridiculous amount of photos of my children (you should see my camera roll! 🙈), I’m a proud LEOW, Apple products make my heart soar, I don’t even want to admit the amount of money and equipment I’ve invested in my photog biz but it’s worth every.single.penny, capturing birth stories is my passion, I love any and all things involving donuts, I want a small flock of children cause babies make me 😍, I have a self-diagnosed case of OCD but it bodes well most of the time cause I think I’m pretty darn good at communicating (#instantreplies) and my 2-day turnaround time for photo shoots seems to be well appreciated, 99% of the small amount of photos I share with me in them are selfies 💁🏼‍♀️ (this one included), and I am so proud to be a born-and-raised Kirkwoodian and having my kiddos be 4th generation kwood grads.

Welp friends, new and old, that’s ol’ Alex in a nutshell. Hiiiiiii 👋🏼 to all my new friends, I hope you like my little corner of the Internet! So happy to have you follow along on my social media journey! ☺️

Also, this was a year ago this past week so I felt compelled to do another similar one for the side-by-side...


And just a few random pics from this week too that I thought were blog worthy but don't really need an explanation...

And that's about all I've got friends!  The big kids got home this afternoon and Annie was SO EXCITED to see them!  We had a yummy dinner of white chicken chili (ooooh I should blog that recipe -- it's my wonderful mother-in-law's and it is so.darn.good.) and then early bedtimes all around...except for Mike he has to go to work.

Welp, that's all I've got! I'm hoping this coming week I get my rear in gear and give you another few riveting (I'm sure!) blog posts before the Easter chaos ensues!  I actually have a super busy week of 12 minis next Saturday, a newborn session, fresh 48, conferences at school, blood drive, and about a billion other things I can't think of right now.  Haha!  Gonna try and relax a bit tomorrow (ha, who am I kidding??!) and enjoy the Sunday!  Have a great rest of your weekend friends!

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