Rain, Rain, Go Away

Okie dokie, I AM SO OVER this weather.  SERIOUSLY.  I know I just posted about it earlier this week and here I am posting about it one more time.

Rain, rain, go away.

For real.

I am so over you.

And my 12 minis I have scheduled for Saturday have been threatened to be canceled all week long, but, I *think* the weather gods are going to smile on us and give us a relatively dry day on Saturday.  Or I'm really hoping for...will be making that call tomorrow morning!!

Annie and I had a fun little morning of getting some grocery shopping done for Easter (and that we were basically out of every single food item the kids like to eat) and then hit up Chick-Fil-A for lunch for a much needed treat.  It was so delish!  And much needed cause coupled with the rain and that I haven't slept well the past two nights, cookies and cream shake to the rescue!

I truly think she is longingly looking outside because she wants it to be WARM so she can go play!  Maybe that's why she's holding back on walking -- she wants to do it in the warm spring sun!  Ha!  She'll be 14 months old on Saturday...and I've said she'll be walking by 15 months, so we'll see!!

Annie girl also did some hamming-it-up with her poses and then got some lovin' with Scoots this afternoon too.  I think she was liking being solo kiddo with mom today!  An insight into what next year is going to look like?!??! I sure hope so!

After I picked the big kids up from school it was POURING outside and Patrick begged to go out and splash in the puddles like Rosie got to do earlier this week...so I caved and said okay.  Even though my camera case wasn't here yet (comes tomorrow!) I hoosier-ed it up and put my camera in a trash bag and put that over my head so I could get some of these snaps!

First up, maybe one of my new fave pics of Patrick.  I LOOOOOOVE his facial expression (and this crop works, right?!??! OF COURSE IT DOES #artsy) and the single raindrop on his eyelash!

And his gorgeous brown eyes too.  Love this dude.  What's cool is this lens (my 70-200 telephoto) is a rockin' one and I got ^^^ that pic from this:

Impressive, eh?!?!

Anyways, Patrick had a blast!! Rosie went out too but she didn't get wet cause she 'DID NOT WANT TO GET MY BOOTS WET!!!' Oh what a diva!

It was a fun little afternoon indeed!  These two had a blast and Annie took a 3+ hour nap so it was a win win all around!

I am hopeful for a sunny day tomorrow to lift my spirits...and hopefully jump start me into the mini/Easter weekend!
I'll leave you with this video of the puddles...and Rosie personally victimizing me at the beginning (hahaha! what a little diva she is!).

Have a great Friday and weekend friends!

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