Snaps and Studios

Ahhhhh, what a weekend!  First off, I am still waiting (anxiously!) for my last February (now March!) birth mama to have her baby!  She was due a week ago and I am HOPING AND PRAYING she goes before we leave on Friday afternoon...she's not set to be induced until next Sunday so if she doesn't go by Friday I'm going to miss it (but my amazing backup photog will get to snap it, so excited for her for that!)!  Keep her in your thoughts that she has that baby soon (for her sake as well, I think she's DONE!) and that I get to snap his/her arrival!

I was legit NERVOUS that she was going to go Saturday morning...that was the one thing I had scheduled between now and Disney departure on Friday!  But, she didn't, and my Saturday morning plans went off without a hitch!  What were they??!!

We had a shoot for our fave Mitz Kids'! (Formerly Mitz Accessories...they had a name change and I think it suits them!)  It was SO.MUCH.FUN.  We rented out a studio in Webster and had 7 kiddos (2 being Patrick and Rosie) come and it was a BLAST!  You can see more pics and read a little more about it here.

I'm really resisting sharing the billion pics I got from the shoot...(again, see here...and that's only some of them!) but Mike did get some fun behind the scenes snaps that I thought I'd share too!

Gosh I love behind the scenes snaps so much!  Well done Mikey, well done.

Anyways, the shoot went AWESOME and I am just LOVING the pics we got!  A studio is definitely not in my immediate future at.all. (I love me some location lifestyle shoots!) but it was a fun change of pace to do this past weekend!

Friday night we hit up the St. Clement Fish Fry again with our friends...

And the kiddos had a BLAST!  Loved dancing to the music at dinner then having some playtime in the preschool room for a good hour afterwards before we headed back home.  'Twas another great Friday in Lent!

Friday I actually took off work -- we had a babysitter snafu.  My mom wasn't available until lunch time and Mike had all-day training, and Kate was livin' it up already in Florida, so I had a morning with the girlies!  It was a lot of fun -- we got some grocery shopping done and then met NeeNee for lunch before heading home for naps all around!  I do love these little unexpected days off oh-so-much.

And now I'm going to leave you with a hodge-podge of pictures and videos from the weekend!  Everything from Patrick pulling Annie in a tractor to a fun little impromptu Sunday afternoon shoot we had today. 

I am SO EXCITED for Friday.  Like GIDDY with anticipation about our Disney trip!  Mike and I can't stop talking about the surprise and how they're gonna freak! I think I'm going to do Facebook live on Saturday morning when we are getting close to tell them...stay tuned for that! I'm sure I'm going to be blogging the heck out of our trip...GET READY!

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