This weekend is calling for RAIN ALL WEEKEND and I could just scream, mostly cause it's Easter (no outside egg hunts! WAHHHH!) and then I have TWELVE minis scheduled for Saturday...which I'm really thinking are going to get rained out and moved to my rainout date.

So today after school, before I had to dart back up to school to conferences (which is where I'm typing this post since no one came to see me), I snapped some pics of Rosie playing in the mud and puddles in our back yard.

So IF my minis get rained out on Saturday...I'm going to offer these in my backyard instead!  Silver lining, right??!?!

And how freaking cute are these??!?!  I mean I'm biased but I think they're adorable and would be such a fun memory session for people to have since there's not much else we can do outside it seems like lately.

Anyways, OVER IT and hoping this wet ickiness is on its way out...but until then, going to try and stay positive, let me kids get wet and dirty and snap some pics along the way!!

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