The Mooneys Do Disney, Part 2

Okay, where did I leave off?! Ahhh, yes, part 1 -- what a fun time we had in our first couple of days at Disney World!

FYI, I caved and bought the photo pass so I could download any pics that are taken of us/the kids in the park.  I KNOW I said I wouldn’t do this cause I have my own camera, but dang nabit some of these in-ride pics are too good to pass up! 

After I left off my last post, we got the kiddos up from their siestas (read: Rosie) and headed off to Hollywood Studios for the evening.

Somehow I managed to convince Patrick to ride the Tower of Terror...he flat out asked me if it was a drop ride and I mayyyyy have told him it wasn’t, it was a baby ride.  Oops.

Welp, he went on it and ended up liking it!  I mean, he wasn’t itching to go back on it again, but said it was fun and it was ‘a little fun to be scared’ -- so win for me! HAHA!

We also did Muppet Vision 3D that night as well, which both kids really loved. 

We caved and let them pick out a doll from The Nightmare Before Christmas (which they both are OBSESSED WITH and haven’t let out of their sight ever since!) so that was money well spent it seems!

We then had dinner at the Brown Derby -- which Mike wanted to go to since it was from an episode of I Love Lucy.  It was definitely a fancier Disney Restaurant, but the kids seemed to enjoy it and I really enjoyed that I could get an adult beverage with my dinner! WIN WIN!

We did also stroll by Indiana Jones -- this is one of my dad’s (and brothers’!) favorite movies!  I made Patrick pose like he was cracking a whip in front of the set -- we have a fast pass for it for Wednesday morning so I’m excited to see it! -- so we could send it to Ben, Charlie, and my dad.  They loved it!

After dinner and a few rides we headed back to the hotel...where both kids PASSED OUT.  These long days (even when we come back to rest for a few hours before heading back out) are tiring them out like crazy!  I know they are playing hard and walking a ton -- my Apple Watch has recorded over 20k steps every day we’ve been here! DANGGG.

Monday morning we got up and headed to Animal Kingdom -- we decided to meet up with some family friends there too, and all three kiddos had their Mitz rainbow shirts on!  How cool is that??!?!

When we got there it wasn’t too crowded so we hit up Dino land -- we got to ride the flying dinosaurs (like Dumbo) and Mike and Patrick got to ride the big Dinosaur ride.

We then headed to Expedition: Everest to use our fast pass. 

Patrick was not thrilled to go on this, which was weird cause it is a coaster and he loves roller coasters!  So I pushed him to go on it, promising it wasn’t nearly as scary as Space Mountain...and it backfired.  Literally as the train was pulling out of the loading dock he starts crying that he changed his mind and wants off...oops.  Needless to say he hated the ride and did not want to do it again! HAHA! Score one for him on that one.

We decided to go meet Mickey and Minnie, and this couldn't have gone any better!

The kids LOVED meeting with them and it was so cute to see their beaming faces with their favorite characters!

We then met up with Liz and Nolan and decided to ride the safari ride.  We had a bit of a wait so we killed some time in line taking pictures -- isn’t Patrick a great photog?!?

As soon as we loaded into the jeep, it started to pour.  UGH!  Fortunately there was a roof over the vehicle so we didn’t get wet, but because of that we didn’t see many animals either.  Oh well, still a neat ride!

After a few snaps by the tree of life, we decided to say goodbye to Liz and Nolan head back to our hotel for lunch and naps before hitting up Magic Kingdom that evening.

Everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE (even me!) crashed -- the kids + Mike took a solid 2+ hour nap and I think I dozed off for a few minutes too.  It felt great to ‘recharge our batteries’ as Patrick would say.

We didn’t have dinner reservations until 9:15pm that night, so when we got back to MK we hit up some rides first...but not before a quick photo shoot by Cinderella’s castle.  I had some products/clothes I needed pics of so I bribed the kids with suckers and we did those pictures first.

Man, it was hit or miss with diva Rosie, but she came around and gave me some great pics modeling her new shirt! WHEW!  Patrick did great too with his camera and taking pics of Cinderella’s castle.

We then went on the People Mover (which was one of Patrick’s favorite rides it turns out!) and the Carousel of Progress (which has changed a bit since the last time I went on it like 22+ yeas ago!).

Mike and Patrick then headed off to Splash Mountain while Rosie and I did the Haunted Mansion again.  I will say, it was kinda chilly -- I am so glad I brought jackets for the big kids!  After our respective rides we met back up for Winnie the Pooh and then another Barnstormer roller coaster ride before dinner.  Dinner started right when the fireworks show was ending and it was SOOOOO good -- I told Mike we’ll need to try and catch that one of these nights before we leave!

The dinner we had was a buffet BUT also had character experience too which was GREAT!  Patrick was so excited to hug and see the Winnie the Pooh characters...Rosie, not so much.  Chickadee was pooped and just wanted nothing to do with them! HAHA!  Typical.  But Patrick had a blast and he was loving every minute of it.

We didn’t get back to the hotel until 11:30pm or so but once we did everyone CRASHED again!

On Tuesday we were headed off to Epcot, and we slept in a bit before getting some breakfast and heading out for the day.  I was least excited about Epcot because my last memory of it (circa 1995) was super boring.

After breakfast Mike ran back to drop his cup off in the room and the bus came right as he was running up...with us on it and him not! HAHA! Oops! I thought they were waiting and loading a stroller but nope, they took off! So he had to catch the next bus.  Epcot was so crazy log-jammed crowded when we got there -- and of course both kids said they had to pee.  Wonderful.  After a quick jaunt to the bathroom they wanted to wait for daddy by the we did!

And both Patrick and Rosie asked to take some pictures too, so that we did as well!

Aren’t they getting so good at their photog skills!??!

Anyways, Mike eventually got there and we decided to go use a fast pass for Soarin’, so Mike and Patrick went on that and Ro and I hung out.

Well, she danced.  Hehehe!

Once their ride was over we went on another imagination ride before grabbing a soft pretzel for a snack, walking around a bit, and then heading to ‘the giant ball ride’ (Spaceship Earth).

Both kids were getting SO whiny and cranky (and Rosie wanted Mike to carry her dense 40lb self around too, which is NOT fun) so after Spaceship Earth we decided to call it a day at Epcot and head back for naps (and to do some laundry!).

Yours truly stayed up to write this blog post (you’re welcome!) and Rosie immediately passed out...and Patrick I thought was going to too but he just watched his iPad instead.

We are planning on heading back to Magic Kingdom tonight to do some more rides (and maybe hit back up some of our favorites!) and then Hollywood Studios in the morning for Disney Live and Indiana Jones.

WHEW!  What an exhausting yet fun past few days!  I know come Thursday the kids are gonna be so worn out, but I’m sure they’ll catch a second wind when they realize they get to stay another week in Florida with KiKi and NeeNee!

Alright, I’m gonna go rest for a minute before we head out again...golly what a fun trip it’s been thus far!  Excited to see what the next few days has in store for us!! :) Stay tuned friends...and thanks for reading my novel and photo dump!

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