Patrick & Rosie's Spring Break Floridian Adventures {Photo Dump}

Much like I did last year for Patrick's spring break trip, I'm doing the same this year for Patrick and Rosie's spring break trip!  Gigantic photo dump!  If you remember we parted ways after Disney -- Patrick and Rosie met up with NeeNee and KiKi and headed down to Bonita Springs and Mike and I headed home to see Annie!

Anyways, the pictures speak for themselves, but I thought I'd add a few highlights of their trip...

  • Got new light up Crocs (Princess for Rosie, Star Wars for Patrick)
  • Went to the beach both during the day and for the sunset a few nights (their favorite!)
  • Went swimming nearly every single day, both at Uncle Johnny's house and his big complex's swimming pool!
  • Went strawberry picking
  • Saw real life mingos and alligators
  • Had lots and lots of awesome family time with KiKi, NeeNee, Uncle Johnny, Aunt Sally, Sara, and Jack!
  • Went out to eat at some yummy restaurants and had some tasty home cooked meals by Uncle Johnny and Aunt Sally too
  • Played and played some more all week long!
Okay, so that was the short is the long version of alllllll of their pics!  Oh what a fun trip they had indeed!  Wonder what 2019 spring break will bring for them!?? Stay tuned!

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