19 weeks.

Ahhhhh, 19 weeks!  How are you my friend?!  Nearly halfway there and I cannot CANNOT freaking believe this pregnancy has gone THIS fast.  Seriously, LIGHTNING FAST.

So I had a bit of a freak out last week with not feeling this kid move at all yet (thank goodness for my doppler so I can check on the heartbeat whenever I want!) and called my OB and decided to bump my anatomy scan up 2 weeks...so it is just in 2 days! WOOT! No longer waiting until almost 21 weeks but instead getting it right at 19! YAYYYY! I do suspect I have placenta previa again...really hoping my suspicions on that are wrong and it's just a super thick anterior (front) placenta...but we'll find out on Thursday.  I don't actually see my OB for 2 more weeks but she said she'd call me with the results of my scan afterwards so that makes me feel better.

Welp, it's been an insanely busy week with photo shoots and mini sessions and anxieties over feeling this kid move and the weather and all that jazz, so feeling a bit overwhelmed but in a good way.  Cause busy is good, right?! I did have a sinus infection late last week which suckkkkkkeeeedddd but I'm finally feeling better (I think???) and getting over that (I hope??) thankfully.

And truly #teamgreen this week -- I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA what I think this kid is!  I had a super duper vivid boy dream the other night...my face keeps breaking out (but maybe stress related too?!?!) which points to boy but the heartrate keeps saying girl and there are other signs that are like BOY BOY BOY and then others that scream GIRL GIRL GIRL so truly, NO CLUE.  Going green this week!

Anyways, not much exciting to report at 19 weeks....I'll probably have another little update after my ultrasound on Thursday with hopefully good news all around!  Until 20 weeks my friends, adios!!

Current Gender Prediction?I HAVE NO CLUE
Baby is the size of...Pack of Big League Chew
Cravings?Buffalo chicken dip
Overall mood?Overwhelmed but in a good way :)
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?Nada yet...
Linea Nigra?SUPER faint just below belly button

19 weeks with Annie                    19 weeks with Rosie

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