It's Good to Get Out

Last night I had this shoot and since it was at our favorite park, we decided to all go and have Mike and the kiddos play while I snapped.  He was going to take them on a walk anyways and I suggested why not just come with me and play while I did my pictures and then we could all hang out for a bit afterwards when I was done?!  So it was decided and off we went.

It was a gorgeous evening and I am so glad we all went -- the kids were great (for the most part...until the hangry-ness set in) and loved playing and my shoot went awesome and then we snuck in a few snappies of the kiddos too!

Patrick demonstrated how to fall 'safely' from the monkey bars about a billion times for me (haha!!) and then Rosie kept posing and asking for her picture to be taken so duhhhh, I happily obliged.

After my shoot the kids were playing and Mike grabbed my camera to take a few pics of the kiddos (and snuck some in there of me too!)...but my favorite one was this gem:

Annie, much like her older siblings, loooooooves taking pictures and playing with my camera and was just eating it up with Mike showing her a few things on how to use it.

Mike snuck in some pics too and I love them -- because with everything going on, it felt really good to get out and just be there with the kiddos and watching them play.

Oh Annie girl, those dimples and little smile are going to get you whatever you want in this life girlfriend!  They just MELTTTTT me.

I did try and sneak in a few pics of the kiddos altogether before we left but no dice.  So typical.  So accurate.  Oh well, real life, right?! RIGHT.

I have another appointment and ultrasound tomorrow and I am a bit anxious about it. I know I posted in my update earlier today about some things but today has just felt...weird.  Like I cannot describe it -- so weird.  I have a weird metallic-y taste in my mouth that I can't shake and a few other things.  I have no clue what's going on but am anxious to hopefully find out some more tomorrow and chat with the OB again about anything new.  Truly, this unknown and waiting is the WORST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.  I'm already an anxious person and this is soooooo testing of me for this.  Looking to the Big Man upstairs for some continued guidance and strength with what's to come cause He knows I sure need it...a lot.

Okay!  That's my quick little post -- and I guess encouragement to you too: go get out there!  Enjoy this fall weather (even if it's chilly or icky out) -- it really does wonders for you...even if it's just for a little bit.  Reminding myself of this over and over again as the days and weeks come upon me.

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