Monday Owls

Ahhhh, Monday.  After a SUPER DUPER busy weekend (mini sessions galore!!) I am kinda excited to greet this week and a relatively calm one...well one where most days I just have ONE photoshoot booked instead of two! HAHA!

You weren't so awful this week -- primarily because Rosie got a new 'hoo hoo' dress and she was soooo excited to wear it to school!  And I of course had to snappy snap some pics of her in it to showcase it (and to give a shoutout to one of our favorite Etsy shops),

Gosh she is so darn cute.  And I just love this dress so much -- I so wish it came in my size (and maybe had pockets!!) and I would wear it alllllll the time!

Rosie is also obsessed with her new Jack Skeleton bow (from here) -- both her and Patrick LOOOOOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas and so this bow was just the perfect addition to her owl dress!!

Anyways, this post was nothing other than a gigantic photo dump on this Monday for you!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

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