Ahhh, this week has gotten away from me.  Like CRAZY FAST.

But I want to first note that my ultrasound now is NEXT WEEK (WOOOOOOT!!) -- I moved it up two weeks after a minor freak out earlier this week about not feeling this kid move at all and talking to my OB and yeah, it’s now next Thursday and I am SOOOO glad.  I mean, I’m suspecting I have placenta previa again, but gosh hopefully I’m wrong and it’s just a super thick anterior placenta that’s blocking this kid’s blows.  I AM SO HOPING for that.

Anyways, Sunday was a fun and busy day!  I had an early photoshoot then got the girls down for a nap (Mike was snoozing away since he worked Saturday night) and then took Patrick to his soccer game.

He did so well -- I just love watching him play!  He just seems so grown up and big to me I can barely handle it!  But I am so glad he loves playing sports and is always anxious for his next practice/game that is coming up.

After his game we made a mad-dash to Aldi for TWO things and left $130 poorer...but three pumpkins heavier!  Patrick was SO EXCITED to help me pick out their pumpkins and could not wait to show the girls theirs when they got up from their siesta.

Sunday night we jetted off to a special dinner to celebrate Aunt Erin turning 30!  The kids really enjoyed the fancy restaurant (thankfully we had our own private room! HAHA!) and running around like crazy with their cousins.  Sundays are just my favorite.

Annie and I got a lot of one-on-one girl time this week: breakfast with Grandma, shopping adventures to Target and the car wash, some solo trampoline time, MOD pizza, and much more!  I do love getting the one-on-one time with the kiddos because with our ever-growing flock of kids it is SOOOO important to still give them individual attention as much as we can!

Again, HOW BIG DOES HE LOOK?! I can’t handle it!!

The kids are OBSESSED with NeeNee’s trampoline and we get over there to bounce on it as much as we can...even if it’s just for a few minutes!!

Annie clearly loves to be bounced all around -- and we only let Rosie do it with her cause I swear when Patrick bounces her it looks like her body and head are separating and going to knock her out...sooooo, hopefully when she gets bigger all three can be bouncin’ fools.

The kids have been LOOOOVING drawing lately...even Annie who has gotten away from eating the markers and crayons (well, not doing it AS MUCH!) and actually coloring with them!  It's quite cute. 

Rosie and I got some one-on-one time on Wednesday night!  We went to her most favorite thing: dance class and then I had a girls' dinner planned afterwards at IMOS so Ro tagged along!  She loved crashing it with some of the other little ladies too and I'm sure she can't wait to go back to another girls' night with mama.  And I actually got good convo and food in too -- amazing how much things are easier with with just ONE kiddo! HAHA!

And here's a cute little video of her dancing for good measure.

Thursday morning I got out a lens I probably haven't used in well over a year: my 85mm.  I decided to snap a few pics of the big kids before school on such a gloomy Thursday and I am just loooooving how these came out!

Anyways, happy {almost} weekend friends!  I have a full weekend of minis and sessions and it's calling for rain and I am PRAYINGGGGG like crazy it holds off during my sessions so we can get them in! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

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