Annie in the Alley

So the big kids are at the lake for another day -- talk about long Memorial Day weekend for them!  I am a wittle bit jealous cause it is SO HOT outside and they are getting to swim in the pool and boat on the lake and everything all weekend long!  I want their life!  Seriously, having an Aunt Kate is the BEST!!!  She is too good to them!

Anyways, so on Sunday I had a photoshoot in the evening but the morning and afternoon I only had Annie banannie (and Mike was snoozing) so I decided to make it a super productive weekend day, cause I LEAVE FRIDAY for Michigan to snap a wedding than am back for like 18 hours before we leave for Europe NEXT MONDAY so I needed to get some stuff DONE! 

We decided to hit up like 3 stores for groceries and other stuff...and I also cleaned out FOUR BAGS worth of old/expired food from the fridge, freezer, and pantry...but in between time we cruised by one of my favorite snappin' spots in downtown Kirkwood -- this cute little alleyway.  So DUH!  I had to snap a few pics!

First off, you know I love me some comparison snaps -- these are (left) iPhone X vs. (right) Canon 5D mark IV.  Quite a difference, huh?! That's why you hire a photog if you want professional photos!  Not shaming iPhone pics, but dang they've got nothing on my big camera!

Anyways, here are a few snappies of Annie I took in the alleyway.

And!  Look at her go!  Standing without holding anything!  I mean, not taking any steps but I bet she will be soon.  She'll be 16 months on Thursday and she's still not walking but I bet in another month she will be!  Just like her turtle older sister. HA!

Welp, that's all I've got for this nice little short and sweet post!  Off to get a few more things crossed off my list before a couple days of final school meetings this week and then off to snap a wedding then EUROPE! I cannot wait!! EEEKKKK! Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Thank you to all of our troops, past and present, who have sacrificed so much so that we can have all that we do in this country.  Forever and ever grateful for you all! 

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