Mother's Day 2k18

Ohhhhh, what a sweet sweet Mother's Day was had in 2018!!

I got to 'sleep in' (haha! I was up at 6:30 but laid in my bed for a glorious 90 minutes until these two scurried in telling me they made me a special breakfast!) and then had pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast that these two helped prepare!  It was SO YUMMY!

We then woke Annie up so she could join us and she was really loving the farm fresh eggs we had gotten earlier in the week from our friends who raise chickens!  They were super yummy.  We also got a super special donut delivery from my dad too (not pictured) to cap off our big delish Mother's Day breakfast!

I'm one lucky mama with these guys at my side!  They got some playtime in with dad (and the sprinkler!) while I jetted off to the hospital to snap this little lady's Fresh 48 session since she arrived a few weeks early!

The kiddos (with some help from dad it seems :) got me my most favorite chocolate covered strawberries from Merbs and then TWO show tickets (Jersey Boys and Meet Me in St. Louis) to the Muny for this summer!  I am SO EXCITED to see these shows (again!) and it was exactly 9 years ago this summer that Mike took me on our first date to see Meet Me in St. Louis at the Muny!

During nap time for everyone else it seemed like Patrick decided he wanted to be Picasso and painted me a wonderful (glitter paint!) picture.

After we got up from our siestas, we headed out to Mike's parents for a Mother's Day pizza party!  It was SUPER warm out, however, we set up tables and chairs in the shade and it was actually just perfect!  The kids ran and played and we all got to sit and eat and chit chat!  The most perfect Mother's Day and Sunday!

I brought my big camera cause, duh, picture opportunities!  First off, look at how the Mooney clan has grown over the years!

We just keep multiplying! HAHA!  I love this so much though.  And do you know how hard it is to get a pic with 7 kids 5 and under looking??! Near impossible.

We had to re-do the grandparents pics we took last year and my oh my how their laps have gotten so full! I LOVE IT SO MUCH THOUGH.  Curious to see what next year will look like!

Speaking of grandparents, my parents joined us for dinner too so we got some pics with them too!

Golly I love how much these kiddos love their grandparents and are SO LUCKY to have them in their lives!!

I want to toss in some pics OF ME IN THEM THAT AREN'T SELFIES!!! I mean, I love being behind the camera but every once in a while (especially on Mother's Day!) it's fun to be IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA TOO!!

Golly I love these burritos SO MUCH.

I had to snap some other mama pictures too...since there were a lot of moms at our pizza dinner!

Golly, what a great time we had celebrating the mamas in our lives!  And yay for good lighting too -- I freaking love how all of these pics turned out!  And how about the evolution of my editing style from just a year ago?!?! I mean, I love last year's snap but I REALLY love where my editing style is now!

Okie dokie, I'm going to conclude this post with a massive photo dump from some candid and cousin snaps I took last night!  Some you're seeing in color and black and white cause I just can't freaking decide which edit I like best! HA!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I sure did, and I am so thankful for my babies who call me mom and for all of the amazing mamas I have in my life!  Definitely a blessed and happy mama right here, that's for sure!

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