Front Yard Swingin'

Our old front yard swing broke -- with Rosie in it.  OOOOOPS.  It literally snapped while she was swinging.  Luckily it was only one side so she didn't really fall...but yeah, buh-bye swing.

I then hopped on Amazon and bought this guy and it came today so we decided to install it tonight (after a quick run to the hardware store for rope!!) so the kids could play.

OH MY GOSH, this might be one of my best purchases ever.  I think they're gonna be hard pressed to get off of it all summer long!

Now, the big kids totally enjoyed their new swing...but Annie, ehhhh, she was not diggin' it...

Jealous much?! Yikes.  Killin' it with that RB face once again, Annie girl.

Ro's hair really loves the swing and fresh spring air too, huh?!?!?  HAHA!

I feel like I have to mention this: IT.HOLDS.ADULTS! I got to swing (thank you Patrick for pushing me!) for a bit tonight (and Patrick snapped a pic of me doing so as well!) and oh man this thing is like a hammock! You may find me on this this summer too! HAHA!

Anyways, it was a wittle difficult to get the kiddos off of the swing tonight -- they were loving it so much! I'm sure we'll be back on it every single day and night now that it's not just 'a baby' swing!  Rosie actually calls it her magic carpet and she's Jasmine. HAHA! 

I cannot wait to see the memories they create on this this summer!  Stay tuned for lots and lots of snaps to come on it I'm sure :)

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