Annie Loves To Talk

Our littlest lady loves to talk.  Mostly we cannot understand her, but every once in a while we can make out clear as day what she's saying.

Lately she loves saying 'cereal' (seriously, as clear as possible!!) and pointing up to where the cereal is.  We think she says cereal whenever she wants any food, but goes crazy when we pull out the Lucky Charms to give her.

I don't care what anyone says, this 15.5 month old's hand-eye coordination is amazing.  She can pick out all of the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms without missing a beat, or a mallow.

Anyways, today my mom called and Annie was right there and, oh my gosh. I am not kidding: they had a legit conversation.  Now, you couldn't really tell what Annie was saying, but golly she knew it!  We were DYING.  I told her to call back later when I had my other phone out to record their conversation...and that we did!


We also called KiKi...once on my phone on speaker, and once on the kids' iPhone that Annie held.  Seriously, DYINGGG.  These are worth the few minutes watch, promise.

I bet this girl is gonna be a little chatterbox just like her big sis before we know it!  Oh Annie girl!  We love you so much!  Never stop talking girlfriend!!

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