Patrick's Last Day of Preschool (EVER!)

Welp, it's official: my #1 guy is DONE with preschool FOREVER.  He is officially on to Kindergarten!  Where oh where does the time go?!?

Like I said with Rosie's post, I feel like I just wrote this post and now here we are 9 months later and it's the end of the school year! I cannot freaking believe it at all.  Too fast. TOOOOOO FAST!

How freaking handsome is this guy?! I know I'm super biased but he looks like such a big boy now and not my teeny tiny 10lb baby I swear I JUST brought home from the hospital!

Today is his LAST day of preschool EVER -- in a few short months he starts REAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and it just seems so surreal to me!  I cannot believe I'm old enough to have a kindergartner! I swear I was just in that same school district myself as a student!

To say this kid is excited about kindergarten is an understatement -- he literally CANNOT WAIT.  I know he's going to do amazing things and I hope he holds onto his love for school FOREVER AND EVER like he did this year!  The fact that he gets so excited to get up in the morning and go to school makes my mama heart so happy!!  I cannot wait to see the big things he's going to do in the future!

Okay, so I have a TON of comparison snaps for you today!  (Does that surprise you??!)

So naturally I've got these gems -- 9 month comparisons from first and last day of preschool...

Which I LOVE these gems.  I went back and had to re-read his first day of school post and snag some pics from there to do these lovely side-by-sides.  Gosh he looks so grown up!

And then on Timehop today it reminded me that May 25th last year was Patrick's last day of 3s preschool, soooo, duh!  Had to do some last day pics from last year and this year comparisons for ya too!

Never stop being awesome dude.  Keep smiling, being kind, and you're gonna go places buddy!  I can't wait to see where this crazy life takes ya! 

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