Custard Lovin'

Today was a BUSY day! 

First off, if you didn't read my Annie talking post, go read it.  It's hysterical.  Her little videos are cracking me up!

Okay!  Where was I?!  Ahhh, yes, me complaining again about how busy we are.  Par for the course with Alex's here ol' blog, huh?!?!

Anyways, looking ahead the next 2 weeks before we depart for Europe is giving me mild anxiety with how BUSY we are (and I am with photoshoots), wrapping up the school years for three of us, and just SO MUCH TO DO before Mike and I head to Europe and the big kids go to DC and Annie goes to grandmas!!  Scooter is staying at home guarding the house so think again if you're going to be breaking in, mmmmkay??!?!

So, trying to put all of that stress aside and focus on Europe and how much fun that will be!  I have 10 final TinySuperheroes minis tomorrow night and then a slew of other family, kid, extended family, etc... shoots over the next week before heading to Michigan to second shoot a wedding on June 2nd before racing back home the 3rd to then leave the 4th! GAHHH! So busy.

Okay, enough Alex!

Let's talk about today.

The big kids had a fun theme day at school: dress up like what you want to be when you grow up!  So, I present you Supergirl and a police officer!  They both loved getting to dress up like what they want their careers to be and it'll be funny to see if they indeed come true in a few (or many!) years!

After school I decided to take the kiddos (cause I had Annie with me too, thank you half day!) on a special secret mission: to get ice cream from the Custard Station!


I hope we get to have a lot more adventures this summer to the Custard Station...and a billion other places cause SUMMER IS SO FREAKING CLOSE I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT!

4 school days left for everyone, a couple days of meetings next week for me, lots of snappin', and then HELLLLLLOOOOO summer and vacation time.  I cannot freaking wait.  So many awesome and NEW things this summer is bringing for us, I cannot wait to share all about them with you guys!  Kindergarten ready for my big guy, new career adventures with me going part time, lots and lots of snapping (and some new snappings in there too!), a few vacations (both kid free and with kiddos!), and SO MUCH MORE! GAH! 2018: you are gonna be the best summer EVER, I just know it!  Have a great one friends!!

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