Indiana Jones Goes To Target

Today we had some early morning adventurings a'happenin'...

We went to Target.

What's new??!  Haha!  Welp, today Indiana Jones decided to accompany Annie and I (Rosie was still at her tea party sleepover at grandma and papa's house).

Patrick insisted on wearing his entire Indiana Jones outfit and who am I to deny him of that??!  And he also requested (not kidding!) that I bring my camera for some snaps, sooooo, duh, I happily obliged.

He stood in the towel aisle and whipped his Indy whip over and over again...and I of course snap-snap-snapped away!

Indy rides on the cart, not in it he informed me.  Haha!

Annie was her usual whatevs selfie for our adventures, although was laughing pretty hysterically when Patrick started tickling her!

Anyways, just wanted to share a few snaps from Indy's adventures to Target this morning.  Golly I just LOVE how much he loves that movie!  Definitely a good guy hero he's emulating (plus who doesn't love Harrison Ford?!!).

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