Patrick's 5th Birthday

I seriously CAN.NOT.BELIEVE. my baby, my firstborn, is FIVE YEARS OLD!

FIVE!  That seems so old to me -- he's going to start kindergarten in a few months and I'm sure I'll blink and I'll be talking about him graduating high school. GAH! Time is flying by.

Like this ^^ this was 5 years ago today!  I swear it was just yesterday.  GAHHHHH!!

Anyways, let me give you a quick little recap about Patrick's 5th birthday.  We had his birthday party last weekend, a small party ^^^ at NeeNee's on Tuesday night, and then celebrated the big FIVE on his actual birthday with some presents, cookies, and his favorite restaurant, Happy Joe's!

After school he went with me to pick out some cookies to bring to dinner.  Gosh those iced sugar cookies are THE BEST.  This is the same bakery that made his Indiana Jones cake too!

We then headed home after we picked up the girls from NeeNee's to open presents with dad (who had just gotten back from court) before heading out for dinner!

One of my favorite presents he got I bought by accident...I mean, I'd be eyeballin' them for a while but a few limearitas on Easter got my fingers purchase happy and I went ahead and ordered him a Nugget for his birthday!  When it showed up I was surprised cause I didn't remember ordering it (it was late at night too, so combo of booze + tired contributed to that!) but after checking my email I did indeed order it and then was curious what colors I got cause it wasn't in my order email and I didn't want to open the box until his birthday!  So it was a surprise all around!

But man, all three of the kids LOVE this thing and SO DO I!  Seriously, if you've got kids, GET ONE OF THESE.  They could not wait to climb all over it and built forts and lounge on it and everything.  Present win on my part!

Patrick got a ton of great presents, but they all seemed to have his current obsession as a theme: Indiana Jones!  He got a shirt, hat, whip, 'purse' (satchel), Blurays of all of the movies, action figures, Young Indiana Jones DVDs...amongst some other non-Indy presents too!  This kid LOVES Indiana Jones!  These pics had me cracking up:

Literally, crack that whip Patrick! HAHA!

After presents we headed off to Happy Joe's to meet up with family to continue to celebrate!

I mean, he had a BLAST.  Played so many games, ate pizza, hung out with his cousins and uncles, and just had the best birthday he's ever had.

We then headed back home, and he got to play outside with the neighbor kids for a bit (I LOVE that we have a ton of kids in our neighborhood now!) before heading in for showers and to watch Indiana Jones on his Nugget before bed.

All in all, he had an awesome birthday and I cannot wait to see what 5 has in store for my favorite guy!  We love you so much Patrick!  Keep doing you buddy, don't ever change!

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