Holy cats. 

I swear I start every single blog post saying how busy we are!  But indeedy, it is true: we are SO BUSY!  Spring has sprung, nice weather is here, and school is wrapping up but I am booked solid with photoshoots! CRAZY!

Speaking of, today was a big day: I got a second cell phone.  This new ^^^ phone is strictly for photography business, primarily births.  I just need a second phone to keep everything straight and I am starting to book up with births into 2019 and I just like having a second phone, number, account, etc... JUST for those clients!  So, if you see me around try not to make fun of me for having 2 phones! Haha!  Plus side: I made some adjustments to our contract soooooo adding this new line (with a phone I already had) adds $0 to our current bill, so woo hoo for that.

I had to chaperone prom last night and got to be in charge of breathalyzing everyone who came!  I was embracing my inner Mike. haha!

Okay!  So busy -- SO VERY BUSY we've been.  I actually hear Annie just arising from her nap but I'm quickly finishing up this blog post for you (you're welcome!) before I go grab her.  I had this adorable fam's pics this morning and then have 2 more twilight minis tonight (reschedule from rainy date on Thursday) and then my momtog classes tomorrow! BUSY WEEKEND for me indeed!  But a gorgeous one -- the weather is perfect and couldn't have asked for anything better!

Speaking of the weather, it has been really nice this past week and obviously I had to take advantage of it recently with my most trusty cooperative helper.  That golden hour in the morning and at night has been just perfect lately.  Oh spring weather, please hang around for a little bit before you depart us for nasty hot summer!

On Thursday it was pouring so my twilight minis got rescheduled (for tonight!) so we hit up the pool and had a jolly good time!  Seriously, everyone had a blast but 3/4 of us weren't feeling a pic before swimming but Mike captured this gem ^^ anyways and I LOVE IT SO.  Gosh, perfectly sums up my life! HAHA!

Patrick had a baseball game this morning so he got to have a special sleepover at Gramps' last night (just the boys!) and then Gramps took him to the game this morning before they headed back to do some yardwork.  The girlies and I decided to do some grocery shopping and errands and then bring the boys some lunch (while Mike slept!) and it turned out to be a wonderful morning all around!

We then headed back home for naps and I had to edit pics, get some new website stuff done, and then this here blog post before everyone is arising again (like right now!!) before more shoots tonight!  I do complain how busy we are but I do like it -- the hustle-and-bustle keeps us busy and occupied and I think the kiddos like all of the adventures we go on!

Anyways, I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!

OH!!!! A very happy 13th birthday to our best pup Scooter!  He's 13 (or 14...or 15...we really don't know!) today and is just the best pup around!  I know I'm usually better on my birthday shoutouts to him but dang nabit he's getting older and I'm getting busier so this'll have to do this year...I'm sure he won't mind ;-) You're the best pup ever Scoots! We love you so!

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