On The Path With My Cameras

I love my iPhone.  It takes some amazing pictures.

I didn't even edit those! (like I do with every other picture I post. HAHA!) -- but the camera on the iPhone X is a great one and I love it.

BUT, I find myself lately, even just running out to play on the path, grabbing my big camera...because as much as I love my iPhone, it's got NOTHING on my big camera!

Obviously those are edited too, but yeah, I FREAKING LOVE my big camera!  And one of my goals for 2018 was to embrace the candids and capture the real life and just day-to-day of what we are doing.  Yes, it means bringing my big camera with me more places, but I am really loving all of the 'not set photoshoot' snaps I am getting!

This post really has zero point other than me professing my love for my iPhone but also my big camera and how much I really freaking love taking pictures.  I truly feel like I've found my calling and I'm getting to do my dream job!

Anyways, you know I love me some comparison pics, so here's an iPhone vs. big camera one.  THE RIGHT IS WHY YOU HIRE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER!  Yes, you can get great snaps with your iPhone, but dang, nothing beats that photog's camera, amiright?!?!

iPhone, I love you so, but my big Canon will always win! 

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