A Spoiled Week.

I just realized I hadn't blogged all week long, and that's because this week has been a spoiled one.  Ahhh, no, not spoiled as in ruined, spoiled as in I-better-not-get-use-to-this-cause-it-won't-happen-again-for-a-very-VERY-long-time, aka, Mike was on vacation (cue emoticon hand raising!) and we had zilch planned and just a week of family time alllllll to ourselves to enjoy.  It has been heavenly.

family time is the BEST time.

I know, I know, the week is not over, but we have kinda a busy weekend ahead of us: I'm hosting my friend Sarah's baby shower here tomorrow, and Sunday Mike and I are off shooting a wedding (a first for Pics & Paws!), so I thought I'd do a little 'spoiled week' recap today while both children are siesta-ing and Mike is off running errands.

So yes!  A spoiled week was had.  And, truth be told, I had every opportunity each day at nap time to blog, but I didn't--I chose to spend it with Mike catching up on our reality TV shows, cleaning the basement together, mowing the grass/yardwork, and a hundred other things we got accomplished together (a rarity!) during nap time.  'Twas excellent.  (Mike is usually gone during nap time the days he works--he's either just about to get off work or he just left, therefore I have a lot of solo time during the kiddos' dual naps so I usually spend it blogging, catching up on emails, and watching old ER episodes, my fave).

Monday was a very low key day for us: I had a dear friend's family photoshoot in the morning, and Mike had a doctor's appointment that lasted till after lunch time.

Rosie did turn 8 weeks old on Monday (gahhh!  Where is the time going?!! --and she'll be 2 months old tomorrow! OMG.  Wait till you read that post!!), and she's becoming more and more of a little lady baby instead of an infant each and every day.

Her personality is coming out and it killsssssss me.  From her resting bitch face to her little smirks, I just die.  And how much Patrick loves her makes me just melttttt.  It is the cutest thing EVER.  My heart is so happy and full!  I love this little girl oh-so-much!

We did take the kiddos to visit Goose at the Pond after siestas on Monday, and she was oh-so-delighted that she got to show off both of her great grandkids as she was puttering around in her stroller (as we refer to it to Patrick).  I could look at these pics of her and my kiddos every day--they make me so happy!

We then hit up one of our favorite (kid friendly! BONUS!  Why we go there all the time!  Haha!) restaurants with my brother Ben and sister in law Erin to chat with them about their Hawaii trip they just got back from.  They got Patrick this hat and Hawaiian outfit ensemble and it's ah-mazing.  I hope he gets many wears out of it this summer!

I did blog Monday night after the burritos had gone to bed--and this post about things I said I'd never do if I had a girl is one of my favorites to date.  Gahhhh, how we eat our words!  Haha!

Tuesday Patrick started off the day with a haircut--Mike does good work.  We actually freaked both of our moms out by sending them this pic:

And telling them we buzzed his hair.  My mom in particular about had a heart attack.  Ha!  We really didn't, Mike just gave him a trim, and I think it looks fantastic.  Patrick has aged like 7 years now with his short 'do for the summer!

We then went back to the Pond again and Patrick had a grand ol' time hunting for the box turtle that lives in the courtyard.  Funny thing was when I brought it close to him he totally recoiled and didn't want to touch it or get near it!  I guess he prefers his animals fluffy :)

We then hit up a park, where I realized Patrick visited exactly 51 weeks prior with my mom when we went to New Orleans for a wedding.  Gahhhhh, how much he's grown!

I started a new series on Instagram called #RosieandGonzo (cause Patrick has his #PatrickandWalter series, so I didn't want her to be left out!) and it's been a hit thus far!  Rosie isn't as creative of a sleeper (yet!  I have high hopes she'll get there!), so they've both kinda been in the same poses...but I'm sure as she grows more and gets more mobile her pics will get better and rival Patrick's--stay tuned :)

And then this pic...cause, Rosie and Scooter are flippin' adorable together.  Her little smirk just kills me!

My uncle Jimmy made this awesome name stool for Patrick and Rosie (yes, MADE it himself!  Incredible, huh?!), and I just had to post this pic and give him a shoutout cause it's freaking awesome.  I told him he totally could go into business making these cause they're just that cool!

Wednesday we went to the Zoo as a family (gahhh, first time all together since last March when we took Patrick for the first time) and it was great.  We got to see oodles of animals, ride the train, ride it again, and do a lot of walking.

What cracks me up is if you ask Patrick what he did at the Zoo, he says, "Ride choo choo."  Then if you ask him what animals he saw, he says, "Ride choo choo."  Not the sharpest tool in the shed is he!  But he's learning and hopefully working on it.

Yesterday we woke up to torrential downpours and thunderstorms...but, nonetheless, we braved the weather, got a teeny tiny little break from the rain, and headed to the Museum of Transportation with my aunt Kate again.  Luckily we were able to ride the train before it started raining again, and then we got to play for an hour in the creation station inside while it poured outside.  We then headed home for lunch and naps (all of us!) because that is hands-down the best thing to do when it's raining.

We did dress Patrick like a little conductor for the Museum and it was the cutest thing ever.  I think this might be his Halloween costume this year, just with long overalls instead and a red bandana around his neck.  He's train obsessed, so this is kinda perfect for him!

Thursday night I treated my mom to manis and pedis (well, just a pedi for me...no me gusta people touching my fingernails!) and dinner for helping us out all the time with the kiddos!  She then worked on sewing a mesh ring sling (for the pool!) for myself and my friend Ann who just had her little boy a couple weeks ago.  I cannot WAIT to use this oh-so-soon!!

Chubalub.  Her new name should be this, cause, ROLLS FOR DAYSSSSS.

This morning we were going to go to my aunt's lake, but it was raining and yucky, so we decided we'd go next week.  Well, wouldn't ya know it?!  About an hour after we decided to stay in STL it cleared up, got sunny and warm, and would've been the perfect day to go!  Dang!  Oh well, gives us an excuse to try and go the next time Mike is off.

So since it was warm out, we decided to hit up tot time at our local pool (aka kid's only in the baby pool for an hour and a half before the actual pool opens at noon = awesomeeeeeee swim time before lunch/naps!).  Patrick was in HEAVEN.  This was really his first time swimming since Florida back at the beginning of the year, and he had a blast!  I played with him the first half hour or so, and then traded off with Mike and he played while I hung out with Rosie and fed her.

It was a fantastic morning (not crowded!) and we then headed to the annual lunch at the bank (Mike's favorite day of the year) for free BBQ and ice cream.  Patrick was oh-so-happy to get his own popsicle this year, and only managed to let 95% of it (instead of 100%) melt onto his clothes.  #win

We then headed home for naps (Patrick fell asleep about 30 seconds after we put him in his crib--thank you sun and swimming!) and Mike went to run some errands while I got caught up on laundry and this blog post (you're welcome!).

This week has really been awesome--and really has spoiled me having Mike home both in the morning AND at night.  I'm dreading Monday when he's back at work on nights (boooo) but he is off Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week, so I get another 3-day spoiled stretch with him home.  Did you know how much easier it is wrangling 2 kiddos when there are 2 parents home?!  Spoiler: A LOT.  Ha!

Have a great weekend friends!  Thanks for reading my novel, as always.

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