Things I Said I Would Never Do...

...if I had a girl.

I thought I'd write down my list of things I SWORE I would NEVER EVER do if I had a little girl.  I, myself, was very much a tomboy growing up.  I grew up with two brothers, played sports, enjoyed getting dirty and hangin' with the boys.  Fast-forwarded to adulthood and I still find myself a very tomboy-esque mama: I don a ball cap, gym shorts, and t-shirts as my daily uniform everyday, never ever wear makeup (sans a bit of mascara for really fancy shindigs, like weddings), enjoy watching Cardinals baseball more than just about anything, and, up until a couple months ago, lived in a house of boys, dog included.  There were many things I swore I would never do if I ever had a little girl, and, here I sit finding myself typing up this list and having broken nearly all of these promises to myself.  Ha!  It's quite funny to me, and a true testament to how much things (and opinions!) can change over time.  Anyways, enjoy my little list of things I said I'd NEVER do, yet find myself doing now that I have a little lady of my own.

Put headbands or bows on her.  HA!  This is the funniest one of them all.  I swore left and right that my daughter would never ever wear headbands or bows cause that's not how I roll.  YET, here I am looking for new cute knot headbands on Etsy or little bow clips to put in her hair for pictures because they are just so darn cute and I can't help myself.

2. Pink.  I swore I would never ever put my child in anything pink--it was just too much for me and I have never been a fan of the color.  OMG, how wrong I was!  I am really enjoying having Rosie wear any and everything pink--even adorable little outfits that were mine when I was a baby.  My favorite cloth diapers of hers are all of the pink ones--they're the ones I reach for the most!  I am absolutely loving all of the pink.

Name embroidered outfits.  Never would I ever have thought I'd actually willingly put my child in an outfit with her name on the front.  Ohhhh, how wrong I was!  I absolutely love these cute little, very girly, outfits donning her adorable little name.  When people ask if they can put her name on a piece of clothing for her, I say, "Absolutely!"  I just love it and think she looks so darn cute with "Rosie" across her chest.

Dresses.  I always thought if I had a girl she'd be in shorts and shirts and never ever a dress cause her mama doesn't like wearing dresses.  Um, dresses on little girls are amazing and cute and oh-so-easy to change her diaper in!--and I am definitely a huge fan of anything that makes a diaper change easier.  I also am loving the fact that Rosie gets to wear dresses that I wore at her age!  That is so much fun.

Nakie (or half-nakie) pictures.  Ha!  How funny this seems to this snap-happy mama.  I always thought if I had a girl she'd be clothed ALL THE TIME, especially for pictures.  Well, I soon discovered that it's 1. easier to leave her half naked most of the time (especially in the hot summer months) and 2. she's a baby.  It's totally fine to have her 'topless' in pictures.  Now, when she's a smidgen older, no way Jose, she will not be in topless pics.  BUT, she's a baby now, and it's okay (to me) to have her half clothed in pics.  Plus, it's the cutest way to take pics of her and her bro just sportin' their fluffy bums.

All of these things I swore I would never do, yet here I am typing up a blog post about how I am doing of them.  Quite funny and ironic, huh?!  But, as I posted on Facebook earlier last week, I am sure loving all of this girly stuff--the pink, the bows, the everything that comes with it.  I was so convinced I'd be a mom to a flock of boys that this little lady has already put a rut in those thoughts and caused this mama who thought she was so set in her ways to change her path...and I love it.  I'm sure I'll continue to break other promises to myself that I said I'd never do, and you know what?!  That's okay!  Time goes on and people change--including me.  I'm embracing my changes and loving this part of my life, having a little girl that adds a little sparkly pink glitter to my seemingly stone cold blueness I've always thought I'd only be.

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