Big Photo Gig

This past Sunday was a big day for me and my Pics & Paws photography business: I shot my first wedding!  EEEKKKKK!  And, actually, it wasn't just me shooting it: my lovely and oh-so-talented hubby Mike second-shot it with me (and I am SO GLAD he did!).

When I started doing photography almost 2 years ago I did NOT want to do weddings: I just wanted photoshoots for babies and families and maternity and engagements and such.  Weddings scared me--the thought of being responsible for getting the important-can-never-redo-pictures like the first kiss, first dance, and so on, eeeekkk, made me shudder.  I didn't want to take that on...


A couple months ago I got a message from a gal I went to high school with asking if I'd be interested in shooting her sister's wedding.  I think I responded "thank you for the thought, but I've never taken wedding pictures before!"  Well, I'm not really sure what transpired exactly after that, but she didn't take no as an answer (and I'm so glad she didn't!)--she put me in touch with her sister--another gal I went to high school with--and I agreed to shoot her wedding, telling her that I'd bring my husband along too to second shoot (and help me get over my fear of "missing" that un-redoable shot).

The entire week leading up to the wedding I was definitely more excited than nervous--it was SUCH a relief knowing Mike would be there with me.  I don't think I'll ever do a wedding solo--I will always bring him.  He's my rock, both in our everyday lives and my photog life!  He makes me feel at ease knowing I have a second pair of eyes and camera there with me.

So Sunday morning came, we got the kiddos dressed and fed, and they got to spend the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa while mom and dad went off to shoot a wedding!  I have to give a shoutout to Caitlin and Adam--they are the most chillest people EVER and such a great couple for our first wedding!  They were so relaxed (which is amazing considering it was their wedding day!) and made everything go oh-so-smoothly...which made us more relaxed!

So I won't bog you down with the bazillion photos we took (but you can GO HERE if you want to see all the teasers and such I posted)--I'll just share a few :)  But I really wanted to blog about how awesome of an experience it was, how I got over my fear of shooting a wedding (yes, I'll totally do another one if someone wants me!), and how awesome I think our pics turned out!  I really couldn't have been happier with the way they came out--and I think we captured every shot the bride and groom wanted.

Needless to say, my first wedding jitters are over, I feel oh-so-much-more confident in my photo taking abilities--especially for weddings!--and I am overjoyed with how the pics turned out.  I definitely will be doing other weddings down the line, if I'm so asked to do so.  Soooo, stand by for that!  AND, shameful plug, but you can definitely go like my Pics & Paws Facebook Page if you want to to follow along with all of my photo taking sessions and antics!

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