Rosie at 2 Months

Miss Rosie Mooney is TWO WHOLE MONTHS old today!  I cannot believe how fast it's going.  She'll be 9 weeks old on Monday and it really doesn't feel like it's been 9 weeks since we welcomed her into our family!  Gah, it really is flying by...and I know I sound like a broken record saying that, but lordie is it true!

I didn't do these weekly pics with Patrick (regret!  So much regret!) but am doing them every Monday with Rosie as she turns another week old.  I totes stole my buddy Tiff's idea but I'm loving it--I love seeing the small, subtle changes in her every week, and then like doing these more formal monthly growth posts and sticker pics for the seemingly more drastic changes by month.

So I freaked everyone out on Instagram earlier last week posting this.  Yeah, no, not pregnant AT ALL.  Ha!  It will be a while before that happens again...well, maybe not too long--I totally want a third! :)  But I thought it was fun to do a pic of Rosie at 7 weeks holding her pic of when she was only 7 weeks cooked and the size of a gumball. My oh my hoe she's grown, eh?!

Anyways, so we have Rosie's two month checkup next week, but I wanted to go ahead and fill you in on the mom stats of what this little lady is up to at two whole months old.  You live for these little monthly posts, don't you?!  I thought so. Here it goes:
  • Rosie weighs 14 pounds and 11 ounces.  And she is bigger than Patrick, who had a pound and a half on her a birth! OMG.  Curious to see how big she measures at her 2 month appointment next week.  Sister bear loves her mama's milk.  I swear my milk must have a crazy high fat content, because both of my kiddos have been gigantic and grew crazy fast and big while exclusively breastfeeding.  I have no idea how long she is, but I'm guessing maybe around 23ish inches?  That's my guess.  I'll be curious to see what her doc stats are next week--but I'm predicting upper 90s percentiles again.  Chub-a-lub!
  • She's wearing all 6 month clothes, and a few 9 month.  I think she'll be in exclusively 9 month in another week or so--& I'm kinda hoping she is cause I have oodles of super cute 9 month outfits waiting for her.
  • Started sleeping longer 7-8 hour stretches (like 9pm-4 or 5am) about a week or so ago and it's been glorious.  Absolutely amazing!  She'll eat at 4/5am and then go back to sleep again till 8am or 9am.  I'm loving it!  She still sleeps in the Pack and Play in our room...a couple more weeks (maybe! I'm not ready for her to be in her own room at night yet!) and she'll probably be nighttime snoozing in her own room.  She also had started taking a 2-3 hour nap IN HER CRIB in the afternoons at the same time Patrick does and this has been oh-so-lovely as well.
  • Started really smiling this month and it's adorable.  Definitely not as smilely as Patrick was (that I remember), but giving us some good grins lately.  Her favorite place to smile is on the changing table--girlfriend likes to get her diaper changed!  But mostly she keeps a stern, resting bitch face look--I think she's going to be my serious child.
  • Still grunts a bit, but definitely not as much.  She's developing more of a personality, and that doesn't including as much grunting.  She definitely will let you know when she wants something (is oh-so-good at whining and crying--very different from her brother!).
  • Wears cloth diapers during the day, and size 2 disposables at night.  Sposies are just easier at night for us and seem to keep her dryer than cloth does (dryer = sleep longer!).  Patrick wore sposies at night till like 10 months old...I don't know how long Rosie will wear them at night but for now it's what we are doing cause it works for us.
  • LOVES to be held and is not a fan of being set down. at. all.  Unlike her brother, who you could set down anywhere and he'd be content, girlfriend really likes being held, and will whine and cry if you try and set her down.  HOWEVER, it's like she knows when it's nap or bedtime, because then we can set her down (always awake she is for siesta time!) and she doesn't make one peep, just coos and babbles to herself and eventually drifts off to sleep.  So I don't mind that during the day she wants to be held since she's so good at falling asleep for nap and bed on her own.
  • Is a big fan of being worn in the Tula baby carrier.  She usually falls asleep about 3 minutes after being put in there and will stay asleep until I take her out of it.  It. is. awesome.  The Tula has allowed for me to take her places and still have two hands free and tend to the crazy wild brother of hers.  I didn't do much babywearing with Patrick, but am really doing a lot with Rosie and I love it--and so does she!  We will be continuing with this!
  • Rosie still has bright blue eyes and brown hair.  Still hoping that her eye color stays!  It is such a pretty blue and such a contrast to her brother's dark brown eyes.  I don't think she's lost much hair (thank the good lord above!), and I'm actually hoping it starts to grow so I can put little clips or small bows in it!
Gahhhhh, so fast it's going!  I thought about this the other day: she's 1/6th of the way to her 1st birthday!  Yes, that doesn't seem too close to being one, but it surely does to me!  It seriously feels like yesterday I was writing her birth story and now she's TWO whole months old.

You all know I'm a sucker for comparison pics, so here's Rosie from 0 to 2 months old.  My how she's grown and changed, huh?!

And, twist my arm again, but here's a lovely little comparison pic of Patrick at 2 months and Rosie at 2 months.  Gah, I love these two little burritos so much!

That's about all I've got for Rosie's two month report.  I am just going to assume that this next month is gonna fly by so I won't be whining next month about how fast it went (gah, who am I kidding.  I will forever be whining about how fast time is going with my kiddos!  It's never slow, always speeding by!).  Have a good one friends--hug those loved ones tight and enjoy each minute, cause it really does go by wayyyy too fast!

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