Rain, Rain, Go Away...

This week's weather has sucked.  Nonstop rain every.single.day.  It has been awful, especially since Mike doesn't go into work till 3pm, so we usually take advantage of morning times together before lunch and nap and hit up the park, pool, trains (Zoo and/or Museum of Transportation), and much more outside activities.  Welp, this week we haven't done any of that--okay, that's a lie.  We went to the pool Tuesday morning when it was gloomy and dark, but! not raining--but other than that, we've had to cancel every outdoor plan we've had this week.  It's been awful.

If it was just us and Rosie, I wouldn't be complaining: she just sits there and occasionally smiles.  However, it is not--we have a crazy-wild 2 year old who craves to run around and burn off energy outside.  I will add that I am 1 episode away from finishing the third season of Orange is the New Black, something that I probably wouldn't have been able to watch had the weather been better, so I guess that's a plus, right?!

Anyways, today after naps I decided to whip out my camera and snap some rainy, inside pics of my little burritos since it was pouring outside and would give me something to do and keep us busy for a bit.

Not my greatest photoshoot of my kiddos (ahem, Patrick!  He wouldn't even take my mini-cookies as a bribe to smile with his sister!  The nerve!), but, alas, I figured I'd share them anyways, cause, hashtag rainingggggggg.  Will it ever stop?!!

Luckily Mike is off tomorrow and all weekend (!!!) and then goes back to days next week (!!!!!!!), so if I can get through tonight we'll be good to go, cause, inside boredom with two under two is much easier to manage when there's another adult around.

Anyways, hope you've enjoyed the pics!  And let's all hope and pray this rain stops sooooooooon!  I'll take 99 and 100% humidity over this any day!

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