Memory Lane: College Edition

Not long after I published my memory lane post, I found myself sifting through the hundreds of gigabytes of photos I had saved of my external hard drive, many of them from my college days.

So, lucky you, I thought I'd do a little memory lane: college edition post with some of my favorite pics from my college years (lucky me, I went to two colleges since I transferred after my junior year).   I believe all of these pics were taken on an actual digital camera--this was longggggg before smartphones, and just when camera phones (with super crappy cameras) were starting to become popular.  I wonder a lot what my college years would have been like if they were now with iPhones and social media galore (Facebook started my sophomore year in college, and didn't really take off with photo sharing and such until a few years later--plus the SIU softball team got banned from being on Facebook because of some shady posts, therefore we didn't get to use we resorted to point-and-shoot pics and email! Ha!).  Probably would have looked a little different...and perhaps a little more incriminating!  Haha!

Anyways, if no one else reads/looks at this post, at least I'm playing into my nostalgia this week with a little jaunt down the past--more than 10 years ago!

ER is hands down my favorite show EVER, and right before I started college I got to visit the {outdoor} set in Burbank, CA and it was like my best day ever.  I wish I'd have taken more pics!!

I have always loved Halloween.  This was probably my most risque Halloween costume ever.  Ha.

My freshman year at SIU we went to Hawaii for a tournament and it was awesome.  I have no recollection on how we played, just all of the fun non-softball activities we got to partake in.

Backstory behind this pic: at UMSL we got one meal a day when we were on the road, so needless to say we were STARVING at night, so we rebelled and ordered a pizza and drank soda (also a no-no) and then snapped a rebellious pic! 

Our last game ever as seniors--this was just outside of Madison, Wisconsin on our last road trip.

I finished my softball career on a high note at UMSL--being awarded all-conference and all-region honors.

Ahhhhh, there's a fun little walk down memory lane in my college years.  Crazy to think about that I started college 12 years ago!  I say it all the time about my kiddos how fast time goes with them, but honestly, it's flying by in all regards!  It'd be okay if it'd slow down a tad--take note time :)

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