Rosie's Baptism

Today we celebrated Rosie's baptism!  Fun fact: Patrick was baptized exactly 2 years ago from tomorrow (and Lizzy 1 year ago tomorrow!)--so June 28th and 29th are easy dates to remember for our burritos baptisms!  Wasn't that smart on our parts to do them so close together?!  I think so.

Anyways, so we woke up today and got both kiddos ready for church--a feat we had yet to even attempt with both of them (we usually have been taking just one).  I told Mike I think we'd have better luck with cooperation out of Patrick sitting in the pew rather than in the cry room--in the cry room he wouldn't sit still and just be running around, which means we'd be chasing and shushing him and not paying attention--so we elected we'd try to all sit in the pew and hopefully he'd be better behaved.

So we wrangled both kids into their Sunday best--literally for Rosie! How cute is she in the baptismal gown both Patrick and myself wore?!--and headed out to church.  We were going to attend 11am mass before the 12:15pm baptism, so we got to church just in time.  I'll spare you the church details, but Patrick was pretty darn good sitting in the general population in the pews, and Rosie slept the entire time until she woke up and ate for a bit before her show got underway.

Rosie was a GEM for her entire baptism!  Not one tear (she did spit up all over me right as it started.  Lovely.) or cry--she was calm as a cucumber and so good the entire time! 

Her lovely Godparents--my bestie Lauren and Mike's brother Danny--were looking good up there with us too.  It was a neat day for them to experience as well.

the best family picture we got.

The baptism took almost an hour (WHAT?!!  SO.LONG.) because we lucked out with our favorite long-winded priest :)  It was nice all of the little stories and such he did, but boy, my arm was killing me afterwards cause I was holding this 16 pound dense sack of flour it felt like.

Rosie did get completely slathered with the chrism oil--like so much it ran into her face and eyes, and was all over her gown and my dress.  Literally, the priest put three giant globs on her head!  It was an intense amount of oil, most I've ever seen put on a kid at a baptism!

Overall, the baptism went really well and it was so nice to have Rosie officially part of our church and to have so many awesome friends and family come out to support her!  We had a great time at the baptism, and then a wonderful lunch and after party at my parents following the ceremony.  The weather was absolutely perfect and was so nice we were able to eat and chit chat outside as well.

Both Rosie and Patrick had delayed naps (oops) and were still sleeping well past 5pm--they indeed partied hard today.  We just had a wonderful family day all around and it was such a special day for Rosie and her entering the Catholic faith!

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