Taking Stock

These are hands-down one of my favorite blog posts to do, because they force me to reflect on the now and what I'm really thinking/feeling/etc...  Plus, I haven't really done a recap post of what we've been doing lately, aside from our Pooches in the Ballpark adventure last week.

Anyways, here goes my 11am Monday morning Taking Stock post.  Enjoy peeps.

Making: A grocery shopping list!  Yesterday I went on a tear and cleaned out the fridge and pantry (eww, holy expired food!) and we officially have next to nothing now.  Last night I was so hangry and couldn't muster up something quick to eat to satisfy my hunger...so, to the grocery store we'll go SOON!

Cooking: Ha!  Broken record here--not cooking anything cause (see above) we have no food!  So I'm contemplating what we're going to have someone else cook (aka take-out) us for lunch today.

Drinking: Lots and lots of water, cause, see above (#dairycow).  Breastfeeding and pumping makes me so.darn.thirsty.all.the.time.  I think I drink gallons of water (not really, but it feels like it) all day long.

Reading: Tons of articles on Mental Floss--which I use to subscribe to the magazine ages ago, but now just read all of the articles on their site.  Random, interesting, and amazing is how they describe their site, and I would have to concur.  I feel smarter reading it.

Wanting: A new full frame camera, specifically this one.  I don't need one, I would just like to have two full frame cameras if I'm going to continue to do wedding photography.  Mike, if you're reading this, take note!  Ha!

Looking: Up the best deals for cloth diaper inserts and boosters (riveting, I know)--so many options!  So many prices!  But we all know where I'll end up, because I'm a sucker for this brand.  Always.

Playing: Trains with Patrick, and being super impressed with my track construction skills.  Every few days Hurricane Patrick comes out and destroyssssss the track I spent oh-so-long constructing and I'm forced to create a new one, cause I can't remember how I made the last one.  This is my current fave thus far.

Wishing: Our other house would SELLLLLLL.  I really REALLY want it to be sold, especially since we just put a ton of money into it getting it all repainted, the carpet torn out, and the hardwood floors refinished.  Plus, I really REALLY need a minivan.  A sedan with 2 kids and 2 giant carseats and stroller?!  Not ideal.

Enjoying: This PicTapGo! app I discovered for my iPhone.  I'm loving the quick editing features that are really just filters (and I'm not a filter lover by any means, but this app is different--it's like filters that bring out certain aspects of your photos, like Rosie's facing features).  If you're a photo editor on the go like I am, check it out!

Loving: Having two kiddos.  It's crazy and wild and insane and fun and manic and just overall awesome.  Just last night I was texting a couple of my friends how hard it is with Mike gone at night and me solo with the two minions, but, even as crazy and hard as those nights are, they don't last forever and I really am trying to force myself to stop and appreciate even the crazy moments, because they won't last forever, and one day I'll probably be yearning for them again.

Pondering: What it's going to be like going back to work in August.  I absolutely love my job, and am actually looking forward to getting back at it with all my work buddies, but I am definitely going to miss spending all day and night with my two kiddos.  This has been the best summer yet (I say that every summer! Ha!) and I really don't want it to end!

........I stopped this post here to nurse the milk monster and feed Patrick lunch, resuming now after the minions are fed............

Considering: What it'd take to do my photography business full time--not that this is in the cards now, but maybe in the future down the line with another kid or two thrown into the mix.  Hmm.  Big things to consider.

Watching: The Lost World: Jurassic Park that I DVRed a few weeks ago.  Patrick is obsessed with dinosaurs and really loves these movies, especially when you ask him what dinosaurs say--he responds, "RAWRRRRR!!" with his hands thrown up in the air.  Mike and I are hoping for a date night next week when he's back on days (!!!) to go see Jurassic World.

Needing: The UPS guy to get here because *I think* my new LCD screen for my GoPro is on his shipment and I am oh-so-anxious to play with it!  It's going to be a game-changer at the pool because I won't be snapping blindly (although, see above, sometimes it works out) but I'll actually be able to see what I'm snapping pics of!

Wearing: My summer uniform: nursing tank top, yoga pant, and flip flops.  Hashtag ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  Although, when I actually leave the house, I swap my yoga pants for these amazingly awesomely comfy (stretchy waist! OMG postpartum heaven) shorts.

Following: @Momtog on Instagram--I absolutely LOVE this account and their awesome mom-photographer recommendations for getting pics--good pics--of your kids on your phone.  Definitely check it out if you're an instagrammer.  GREAT account!

Noticing: As I'm multitasking typing this post, what an awesome show Guys Grocery Games is (on in the background).  I'm a sucker for food shows, which is crazy since I'm such a picky eater, but I absolutely love the premise of this show.  A new one comes on each Sunday night and Mike and I always watch it on Mondays.  Anyways, on the Food network.  Check it out.

Feeling: Alllllll the feelingssssss lately.  I'm sure it's the postpartum hormones and what not, but geez, I just look at my kiddos, especially the pic above, and my heart melts...then feels like what's remaining is going to explode!  I cannot believe we've been blessed with two incredibly amazing and perfect kiddos.  My heart is so happy.

Admiring: How awfully filthy my house is and how I don't have to clean it anymore!  YEE HAW!  Cleaning lady is coming tomorrow and I'm so darn excited that I don't have to stress over cleaning and she comes and does it for us--this is a HUGE load off of my mind and plate and I'm able to use the time I would be cleaning to relax, blog, catch up with Mike, or just sit and do nothing before the minions wake up again.

Sorting: Rosie's clothes.  I just put away all of her 6 month clothes yesterday and I'm going through her 9 month clothes (organizing) and seeing what will be wearable this summer before she outgrows all of them.  She also has a few 12 month clothes, but that's about it!  Girlfriend is growing so darn fast!

Buying: A Father's Day gift for Mike, my dad, and Papa Rick (Mike's dad) from the kiddos.  I *think* they're all going to love what the kiddos got them!  I sure am loving what we found for them and am hoping they all love it too.  We're having a big Father's Day BBQ at my in-laws on Sunday so I'm excited to give them their prezzies then!

Getting: Anxious about leaving my babies--specifically Rosie--in the next couple weeks.  I have a few workshops and meetings coming up where I'm going to be gone most of the day and my mom or Mike's mom will be watching the kiddos.  I'm not worried about their wellbeing or anything, I'm {selfishly!} worried how I'll handle being gone from them all day long!  WAHHHHH!

Bookmarking: How about phone-calling?!  Or doctor-appointment-making?  Cause that's what's I'm currently doing: scheduling Rosie's 4 month well check for August, my 6 month dental visit for August, and my allergist appointment for October (WHAT?!! Earliest she could get me in!  CRAZY!).  Also making Mike's dental visit appointment too.  Busy busy we are.  Thank the good Lord above we have insurance!

Disliking: How fast this summer is flying by.  Seriously.  Rosie is already 10 weeks old today, and June is officially halfway over!  I cannot believe it.  Time seriously is flying by and, as much as I'm anxious to see my babes grow up and learn new things, I feel like I'd like for it to slow down a bit so I can really enjoy the age they are now.  Gah!  Double-edge time sword.

Feeling: Super duper excited about my buddy Lauren's upcoming visit with her fam in August!  I cannot wait to meet her new little lady Zoey and for Patrick and Cam to play together!  Tiff, if you're reading this, YOU TOTES NEED TO COME IN TOWN THAT WEEKEND!!!  You can stay here with us.  Basement suite!!  Seriously!  How much fun would that weekend be?!! Think about it! :)

Snacking: On a big ol' glass of milk and quads--aka double-stuffed oreos stuffed together on top of each other.  They are delish.  Oh so delish.

Coveting: Family time.  I told Mike the other night, when he was asking whether I liked when he's on days or nights better, that I like when he's just off and we can spend the entire day together.  It's the best, and our kids have brought us even closer and have made us really covet our time together and family time.  It's the best.

Wishing: And hoping and praying that Rosie's current sleeping habits continue (or, being optimistic! get even better!), because girlfriend is a rockstar sleeper.  A lovely 7-8+ hour stretch of sleep right off the bat is what she usually gives us at night and it's glorious, so glorious.  Also, throwing this out there, that I hope Patrick's sleeping habits continue forever too.  I heart that he sleeps till 9am most days.  It.is.the.greatest.

Helping: A high school friend via email about getting started using Google Classroom in her classroom this fall.  I love that my Google Certification allows for me to do this and reconnect with people that I may otherwise not hear from!  Thank you social media and Google! I heart you both.

Hearing: Mike snore on the couch next to me.  Someone fell asleep during our Grocery Games viewing and is getting a cat nap before work.  I know how hard he works at night and how amazing he is to wake up in the morning 'early' when he may not have gone to bed until a few hours before.  He is the best--and I'll let him nap forever and ever before work just to get him a few more ZZZs that he may have missed the night before.

Wow, so I started this post at 11am and it's now after 2pm--haha!  Taking Stock with kids does not get written in one sitting my friends.

I thought I'd end this post with a few of my favorite pics from the past week or so that I haven't shared on my blog (but have definitely overgrammed on IG, ha! always, always.  I love you insta-land).  Anyways, enjoy, and have a fabulous week friends!

we went to Kate's lake recently and Patrick LOVED riding on the boat...

...and Rosie loved snoozing the day away by the pool (and showing off her resting bitch face when she was awake as well).

we celebrated our 3 year anniversary with a classy dinner at Hodaks and ice cream at our favorite, Ted Drewes.

Patrick now sits most of the time at restaurants in a booster seat instead of a high chair.  He's growing up too fast!

this pic just made me smile.  I love his chubby little face and toothie cheesy grin!

"How you doin'?!" Ha!  LOVE THIS Rosie.

My mom made me a mesh ring sling for the pool to wear Rosie (and not worry about getting my beloved Tula wet) and it's the greatest thing EVER.  If you want one she'll whip you up one too! $40!

Patrick fell asleep sitting up on the boat at Kate's lake last week and it was the cutest little thing ever.

Rosie's outfits KILL ME.  I love little girls' clothes!  And I'd totally wear that top if it came in my size.

This boy is 100% boy--loves his trains, dinosaurs, and construction equipment!

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