A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

It's been a hot minute since I blogged, and I blame that solely on the fact that I'm busy busy busy as can be now that 2nd semester is fully underway!  BUT!  Positive note!  I am now officially more than halfway done with the school year!  WOO HOO!  Come on spring break...then come on summer vacay!  Nevermind the fact that Ro is less than 3 months away from turning 1 and that I've already ordered her 1st birthday outfit and started planning her party and designing the invitations (spoiler: it's donut themed!).  I'll just conclude this paragraph right here with that tid bit of depressing info.

Last night for dinner Mike made his AMAZING shrimp pasta!  It.was.so.good!  I am going write up a recipe blog post soon (hopefully!) with the super easy and simple recipe for it...so stay tuned for that.

Anywho...so we were SUPPOSE TO close on our city house tomorrow.  DANG NABIT it got pushed back until next Tuesday.  Mike and I are freaking out, just cause that's how we roll, but we are so paranoid that this sale is going to fall through and we won't actually SELL our house EVER.  I know, probably irrational, but if you're the praying/well wishing/good thought thinking type, can you send some our way that we do indeed CLOSE on Tuesday and SELL THIS HOUSE?!  We're going on over a year and a half of it on the market (June 2014!!!!) so we really REALLY want it sold.

My 366 black and white project is going great!  It's day 14 and I've managed to snap an image every.single.day (well haven't done today's yet but it's only 6am so the day is young!)!  Going strong...and hopefully I'll keep it up!  It's fun challenging myself to get a good snap in of something unique and different every single day.  These are just a few of my black and white snaps from recently.

It snowed last weekend for a hot minute (literally) and I snapped this super cool (in my opinion :) pic of the snow falling in front of our house!  I wish it would snow a bit more so we can get the kiddos out and playing in it...which reminds me that both kiddos need some snow pants!  Ordering those now :)

So by 10 months old with Patrick we ditched the bottles...cold turkey.  10 months for Ro is in a little over 3 weeks (WHATTTT?!!) and I'm not sure if we're going to have the same success with her or not.  I did some sippy research and these seemed to be the best for breastfeeding babies (which is what Rosie primarily does, only getting maybe 1 full 8oz bottle now while I'm at work since she nurses before I leave and doesn't really take a bottle at lunch so much cause she eats like a pig and is full)...we've tried them a few times and uh, I hope she gets the hang of them soon :)  Haha!  I'd really like her to be bottle-free by her first birthday (cause those dang Dr. Browns bottles have so.many.flippin.parts)...so stay tuned for that :)

Earlier this week I had my 6D out and decided to snap some pics of the burritos during bath time.  Gosh, the way they play together and the way Rosie just adores everything that her big brother does melts my little mama heart.  It is just the sweetest!  I think the last pic where they're just playing and not even looking at me as I snapped a pic from the hallway is my favorite.  I sure hope they always love each other this much!  (and, side note, I truly don't think Patrick ever remembers what it was like to not have Rosie here...and frankly, I don't really either!)

I took the kids out to eat solo (meaning it was just us!  We didn't meet anyone!  #bigday!) for the first time last weekend to Chick-Fil-A and it was so much fun.  We were there over an hour (the majority of that was Rosie and I just chillin' while Patrick was tearing up the playplace) and it was a great way to spend Friday night while Mike was working.  Apparently Chick-Fil-A does a valet service now where you can go through the drivethru, order and pay, and then come inside to find your food at a table with however many high chairs you need all ready for you and your kids!  How awesome is that?!  Gonna have to try it soon.

Mike HATES this, but I love it so.  Rosie's bangs are getting a wittle long so she's been sporting on occasion a little teeny tiny ponytail atop her head and I think it's just the cutest thing ever.  I don't want to cut her hair, and to change up her headband wearing, I've decided to pop in a pony and I just die with how cute she looks! #biased

Speaking of, this little lady turned 40 weeks old this past Monday and officially has been out longer than she was in!  I didn't do a side by side of my 39w4d belly and her being out 39 weeks and 4 days, cause, frankly I just forgot (gasp!  The horror!), but I'm glad I did do a 39 week out vs in one a week or so ago to have that to compare...cause you know how I love my comparison shots.

Rosie has also been ADDICTED to these "teethers" (or baby mum mums as they're also called) ever since my buddy Kristy gave me some that her little lady didn't like.  These are WAY BETTER than puffs (well, they're essentially the exact same thing) but since they're literally just a puff surfboard it's easier for her to eat, not drop, and hold.  I love them so much.  I need to get some more because they are just amazing and definitely better than puffs for tidyness reasons (and they keep her occupied for a good bit so I can eat before I have to shovel more food in her face!).

Patrick knows now that if he poses for a picture, he gets an M&M.  I don't even have to remind him, he just KNOWS.  Yes, I bribe my kid for pictures...and you know what?!  It's so worth it, cause ^^^.

Some post-bath snaps...just cause!  I'm biased, but these two are just so darn cute!

Someone, ah-hem, PATRICK, doesn't like to sit in the seat part of the grocery cart anymore...he wants to either ride on the side of the cart or sit in the big basket part...which makes shopping interesting when I have a ton of food to get and I don't want him smushing it yet he does need a place to sit.  Why is he growing up so fast?!!

I opened a bottle of sparkling grape juice the other night and gave Patrick a taste from my wine glass (doesn't it look like he's drinking white vino?!  Hehehehe) and he was NOT having it.at.all.  He truly is a milk and water type kid--he doesn't really drink anything other than those two things!

Grandma and Papa's house is quickly becoming their favorite...which I think Patrick believes Lizzy lives there because that's 95% of the time where he sees her at!  So whenever we get there he runs around looking for Lizzy, and then when he finds her (or she gets there later) he gets SOOOO excited to play with her.  They are going to be the best of cousin friends!!  And Papa is just an amazing grandpa who always mesmerizes both kids with his top-notch tower building abilities...former engineer right there peeps :)

We met a big group of my side of the family for dinner earlier this week at our favorite restaurant, Fuddruckers...and Patrick had a great time hanging with his cousin (or 2nd cousin?!!  I'm not sure...it's my cousin Erin's kiddo!  Let's just go with cousin!) Ethan, who's just 6 weeks younger than him.  I said to my mom, who also joined us there, that we should make this a monthly happening--cause it was so great to catch up with my cousins and aunts and uncles who came!

Not sure if I ever shared this here or not yet, but my sister in law Katie got me this amazingly awesome Wicked pillow and I just love it oh-so-much!  Scooter actually fancies sleeping on it and Patrick likes to throw it across the room.  Ha.  It gets a lot of love in the Mooney household!  I can't wait till Patrick's a smidgen older so I can take him to see it!

Someone posted this meme the other day and I about died.  YESSSS.  So so so true.  And not saying you can't be exhausted if you don't have kids...you totally can.  But kid exhaustion is a whole 'nother beast that is really unmatched until you experience it yourself and see.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids more than anything else, but shoot, they wear me out!

BUT!  They won't this weekend...cause, for the first time ever, 8 of my girlfriends and I are doing a quick girls getaway sans kids!  I am so excited for it, I can barely stand it.  I'm sure I'll do a lovely little recap after this weekend (3 day!  Thank you MLK day on Monday!)...or maybe I won't!  Maybe it'll be too top secret of happenings to blog...hehehe!  We will see!

Have a great Thursday friends!

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