Patrick Tales | 04

Guess what time it is?!  Time for another installment of Patrick Tales!  I cannot believe my last Patrick Tales post was back in October!  Holy cow!  Time is flying by AND Patrick is talking up a storm!

It seems that right around 2.5 years old for Patrick his speech just BAM!  Exploded and took off.  He's a talking machine now and while Mike and I are experts and differentiating what he's actually saying, his speech gets better and better each day and easier to understand.  I love this little talking dude oh-so-much!

A bag of shredded cheese spilled all over the floor.  Mike calls Scooter in to lick it up...
Patrick {falling to the floor}: NO!  I eat cheese!!

We had dinner guests over and I called into the dining room from the kitchen and asked what everyone wanted to drink while Patrick and Rosie were playing in the family room...
Patrick: I have water!

While watching TV and a toy commercial comes on:
Patrick {pointing at the TV}: I play that!

On our neverending potty training attempt...
Me: Patrick, do you want to wear these cool Thomas undies?
Patrick: NOOOOO!
Me: Okay, how about these cool Paw Patrol ones?!
Patrick: NOOOOO!  Diaper ON!!!!
Me: Well only big boys wear undies, and I guess you're not a big boy if you want to wear a diaper...
Patrick: I baby Patrick.

On our way home from dinner with friends, about to turn towards our house...
Patrick: I want ICE CREAMMMMMM!
Me: We can have some when we get home buddy.
Patrick: NO! You said we get ice cream NOW!
(how does he remember that I said that?!!! And we went to get it...cause I'm a mothersucker)

He's become an expert when we tell him it's time for nap (or heck, even at bedtime)...
Me: Come on buddy, it's time to take a nap
Patrick: NO NO NO NO NO! I eat lunch!
Me: You already had lunch!  It's nap time!
(he's figured out he doesn't have to go down for a nap until he finishes, his logic: eat lunch = no nap)

I walked in from being gone to a short Target trip...
Patrick: Hi mommmmmm!  You at work?
Me: No, I wasn't at work, I was at Target.  I have to work tomorrow but not today.
Patrick: (looking puzzled) You go to work. I play with Daddy.

At the Pond (my grandma's nursing home) Patrick likes to run around the halls, and subsequently runs into the staff that work there...
Patrick (running up to a CNA): HIIIIIII!
CNA: Hi there!
Patrick (taking off his hat): Look at my monkey hat!
CNA: Oh that's a nice hat!
Patrick (puts hat back on head and runs away): BYEEEEE
--he repeated this to every.single.staff.member. he saw!--

Out to dinner at Fuzzy Taco...
Patrick (spits out food): I no eat that.  It too hot.
Me: It's not hot buddy!  You can eat it it's cool enough.

Watching Paw Patrol before bed...
Patrick: Hey mom?
Me: yeah buddy?
Patrick: I tired.
Me: okay, do you want to go to bed?!
Patrick: NOOOO! I NOT TIRED!!!!

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