Oh Hey Kids! It's Me, Your Mom.

Like that post title?!!  That's how I've felt the past several days...cause I feel like I've spent next to NO time with my kiddos and I have mom guilt realllllll bad about it.  Plus, I just plain miss them!

But!  Before you go all Judgey McJudersons on me, lemme explain why it is I feel this way...which is basically a little weekend recap (see what I did there?!).  So!  Sit back and enjoy!

Last week started with a bang: we sold our house!  So many dancing emjois right now.  I am still in disbelief that a year and a half later, our city house is finally FINALLY sold.  So much awesomeness is felt right here...and van shopping has begun!  (that's a whole 'nother post in itself...so stay tuned later for that).

House selling day was Tuesday...and then snow day was Wednesday!  That was an unexpected treat that if you've been a reader around here for any length of time know that I love love LOVE and get so excited about every single year.  Hoping for another one (or several!!) this year since we got zilch last year.

We had some buddies come over for an impromptu playdate during our snow day, and that sufficiently wore both kids out enough to take some serious naps (like 3+ hours!) which allowed me to get caught up on some important business: Guys Grocery Games.

Aarti Sequeira is my spirit animal and favorite judge on the Grocery Games.  She's a mama to 2 as well and loves her some babywearing, as well as eating...which just happen to be 2 of my passions as well!  Plus, she's got that killer British accent that I could just listen to all day.  Girl crush totally.

The kiddos were both lovely little joys on Wednesday during our snow day--and I swear that feels like the last time I've seen them both together!  NOT.KIDDING.  I think since the craziness of this past weekend is winding down, our routine will go back to normal (hopefully!  I'm sure God is laughing as I type this and waiting to throw me another curve ball...BRING IT.  I was pretty good at smacking curve balls when I played softball in college).

Anyways, Thursday Mike was off but I went back to work...so he got to hang with the kiddos all day.  After work Thursday we decided to run some stuff out to my Aunt Monica's out west and then use the $50 gift card we had had for, not kidding, 2 years, to Outback Steakhouse.

Well, since we don't like leaving $2.07 left on gift cards, we decided to 'splurge' on dinner and make sure we used it all.  DONE.  I was starving and ravenous and every.single.thing. on the menu look delish.  I ordered the surf and turf: sirloin steak and coconut shrimp with loaded mashed potatoes (Rosie ate most of those) and steamed broccoli.  Our dinner was $50.97 (WOOT!) so no need to get any pesky change back on the gift card.

We went and visited Goose before heading home to give the kiddos baths and put them to bed.  About 8pm, so 2 hours after we left Outback, I told Mike I didn't feel very good and was going to pump and go to bed early.  Well, not 15 minutes later my head was in the toilet barfing my life out.  It.was.awful.  Every 15 minutes for the next several hours was spent in this fashion and I thought I was dying (literally, I told Mike that) and thought an alien was going to emerge from my stomach because it was literally on fire.  Can you say food poisoning?!!  Sparing you the ugly details, I'll leave you with that.  I passed out willing myself to take deep breaths and think about anything other than food about 11:30pm.

I got up Friday morning and felt better but still not great, but willed myself to go to school.  That lasted 2 hours before I waved my white flag, got in my car, and headed straight home.  Mike was fortunately off again so I headed immediately to the bedroom and passed out for 3 hours, waking up about 2pm feeling oh-so-much better and refreshed and hungry, something I hadn't felt in almost 24 hours.  YES!  I most definitely knew it was food poisoning then since that usually only lasts 24 hours or so.

However, as soon as the kiddos got up from their siestas, Eagle boy went off to have a sleepover at NeeNee's so it was just RoRo, Mike, and I.

Ro enjoyed her solo status for the night, enjoying some green beans and rice for dinner (someone, cough cough, ROSIE MOONEY, is boycotting baby food lately and just wants what we're eating.  1. I don't blame her, baby food is gross 2. WHY IS SHE GROWING UP SO FAST?!!!!).  Anyways, she thoroughly enjoyed solo bath time too before turning in for the night...which I followed her lead to really sleep off the rest of any lingering illness.

Oh!  Friday our new Tula blanket (which are all the rage lately and impossible to get (we actually have 2!) but are so cute and soft and adorable) and both Ro and Scoots enjoyed snuggling with it.  That bamboo material is ungodly soft and comfy so I don't blame either of them for wanting to be cuddled up in it.

I posted it on the Tula Love facebook page and over 1300 people have liked it and has 50+ comments!  I think people liked seeing a blanket getting some use (even from a furry friend) rather than being sold and flipped for 3-4x what was paid for it.

Anyways, Saturday Ro and I got up and headed to Tarjay (hello Tula selfie snap!  #ourfave) and Schnucks to pick up some last minute items for my mom's big surprise 60th birthday party (spoiler!  This will be a new post all by itself later this week sometime when I get the pics compiled together.  Stay tuned :).  When we got home my dad had brought Patrick over along with Lion's Choice (YUMMM) for a quick lunch before I dropped the kiddos off at Mike's parents so I could go prep for the big party.

I can't not mention my mom's party!  I JUST CAN'T!  But I will say she was completely and utterly surprised and it was the best thing EVER.  Seriously...what a feeling that was MONTHS in the making to see the surprise pulled off with 80+ of her friends and family there!  Okay, stopping here...more to come (with more pics and videos!) on another post SOON!

The kiddos spent the night at Mike's parents and then I went and picked them up early this morning.

When we got home our neighbors Golden Retrievers were in our yard and Patrick went completely crazy seeing "puppiessssss!!" and raced out to meet them.  He fears nothing, by the way.

This was the cutest...he ran into the garage and got 2 treats to give the dogs and my heart melted with how loving and caring this little boy is with other animals he's never met.  Cue happy mom tears.

Well, not kidding, 10 minutes after I walked in my mom called and asked if she could take Patrick up to see Great (her mom) so she was here 5 minutes later and that's the last time I've seen Patrick!  He took his siesta at my mom's.

Rosie fell asleep shortly after she had lunch and a little impromptu photo shoot with her new Little Butt Diaper that I won and was home for like an hour.  Seriously.  I haven't seen my kids in AGES it seems like!

Rosie just got up from an almost 4 hour nap (and had another tooth pop through--number 7!!!!) and is happy as a little lark, clapping and waving up a storm and being less of a baby and more of a little girl every day and I am just going to stop typing right now before I realize that my baby is growing up and too close to turning 1 for me to like or realize...I'll table those emotions now and come back to them later.

SO!  I'm hoping that I get my kiddos back more this week because I miss them so, Patrick the most.  I feel like he's been gone so much on sleepovers that I never see him!  All of a sudden he's talking up a storm and telling me new things in SENTENCES (what???!) and going potty at NeeNee's that I just can't believe how fast he's growing up.  I think I need a mommy-Patrick only date soon.

Anyways friends, that's about all I've got for today.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead!  :)

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