Rosie's 9 Month Check-Up

Today Miss Ro Ro had her 9 month well check at her pediatrician's office!  She hadn't been to the doc since her 6 month visit, so it had been 3 whole months since we have seen her doc!  Thankfully no major illnesses or what not had forced us back there since October...fingers crossed we can make it through the rest of the winter without going back!  Her next well check will be when she's 1 year old.  How is that even in my sights?!!

Anyways, as you probably read (or didn't, cause it was too long and boring for you.  Haha!) in my previous 9 month old post for Rosie, she's been growing like a weed and learning and experiencing new things each and every day!

She gained almost 6 oz in the 48 hours since I last weighed her (chunkalunk!!) and is just a shade under 23 pounds at her 9 month checkup.  She's a smidgen longer than I predicted (I said about 28 inches) and happy and healthy all around.

Our doc was very happy with her growth and development, and not too concerned about her lack of crawling or the fact that she just started consistently rolling over in the past few weeks.  She again reiterated that bigger babies don't typically move as fast as little ones.  Okay then!  She was super impressed with Rosie's fine motor skills and how well she moved her toy from one had to the other.  I told her that we're kind of doing a hybrid of solid purees and table food, and she said that's great.  Eventually over the next couple months we'll phase out the purees and just do table food by the time she's 1...and also work on transitioning to the sippy cup away from the bottles.  Girlfriend still nurses A LOT when I'm home, so who knows when we'll wean on that.  I'm sure I'll be bloggin' all about it when it happens, don't you worry!

Ro got 1 vaccine (woo hoo! done with the Hepatitis panel!  I'm so proud of my Hep graduate :) and took it like a champ.  She had minimal tears and then was happy as a little lark when it was time to go.  However, she's been super clingy (probably a shot + separation anxiety peak combo) since then so we'll see how the rest of the day goes.

Anyways, our big little girl is happy and healthy and huge all around!  Here's hoping and praying we don't have another doc visit until her 12 month (OMG, whattttt?!! How is this even in my sights?!!) check up just after her 1st birthday and sister bear stays nice and healthy.

Have a good one friends!  Be well!

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