Girls' Weekend

Wow.  What.a.weekend.  Seriously, it was so so so much fun!  I alluded last week to my excitement for my girls' weekend, and it surely didn't disappoint!  It was a blast and my posse of friends is already starting to plan our next one for sometime in late spring/early summer.  I cannot wait!

So, without divulging too many nitty-gritty details, I did want to share a wittle bit about our weekend and what we did (spoiler: a lot of nothing).  It really was such a relaxing and fun getaway for all of us girls (5 of us who are mamas) that was much needed.  Even being off today for MLK day, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead and get back to our routine!

Anyways, so girls' weekend kicked off Friday after work.  We all headed out to Innsbrook--about an hour west of STL--and got to the cute little A-frame house we were staying in for the weekend by 6pm.  We had all signed up to bring different meals, so it meant you only had to cook something once and then just pig out and enjoy everyone else's cooking the rest of the time!  I'd say the only downside--okay, two downsides--to the weekend that it wasn't longer AND that I had to pump a few times each day which isn't awful it just was time consuming and annoying.

Friday night, after a delicious dinner of homemade pizza (that Courtney whipped together), we literally opened some wine, used our ahhhhdorable customized tervis-like wine cups, and sat around and just talked...and played Cards Against Humanity.  It was so much fun, and I don't think I've ever laughed so hard!  I brought my selfie stick that my mom got me for Christmas, so I had a blast snapping pics with that all weekend too.

We all stayed up until midnight, which for us old ladies was super duper late, and then decided to turn in for the night.

Saturday morning we got up and Ann made this freaking amazing french toast casserole that I could have coated my body and rolled around in it was so freaking tasty.  After that, we did more of what girls do best: lounging in our jammies and talking!  It was quite chilly out, about 25-30 degrees, but sunny.  We had talked about going to the winery that wasn't too far, but we elected to not get dressed and just hang around the house and drink our (free) wine there.  DONE.

Ann had brought crafts for us to do, and although I'm not a crafty person I had already had a glass or two of vino and decided to get crafty of my favorite things I made was this mug (I can't take full credit, I copied it off of one I found on Pinterest).  We also made some glitter jars and washi-tape tin can containers.  So fun, right?!  It truly was.

Danica made some delicious chili-frito-cheese (pepper belly) concoctions for lunch, and they were soooooo good.  I totally had more than one helping.  Ha.

About 3pm in the afternoon, and a couple glasses of wine in, I had the genius idea to do a polar plunge in the lake out back.  Gorgeous, isn't it?!!  I mean, it was going to be cold, but YOLO, right?!  It was gonna be fun!  I somehow convinced my friends Courtney and Ann to do it too, so into sweats we went and off into the lake we went!

We sound like geese, don't we?!  To be fair, I don't think I screamed at all...I was too busy being a complete jerk and splashing them...which I thought we were all going to go!  Ah!  Oh well!  So we didn't stay in too long and quickly got out and got back inside by the fire and then the warm shower.

It was one of my better ideas of my life :)  Haha, seriously though, it was a blast and I'd totally do it again!  Maybe I'd be singing a different tune had I gone under or been splashed too...but regardless, what a fun memory!

Once we were all warm and dried off I got to making dinner -- a taco bar.  Yummy.  I even was nice and brought nasty onions and other toppings that I don't like for others to have on their tacos...considerate, wasn't I?!  You betcha.

And now as I'm typing this I'm wondering why the heck I didn't take any food pictures!!  The food was soooooo good all weekend that I would have loved to include it in this post.  Oh well, next time I will!

The rest of Saturday we spent pretty much the same way we had the rest of the weekend: in our jammies doing nothing!  It was wonderful.  We chatted some more and played some more Cards Against Humanity before we turned in once again.

Sunday morning we woke up to single digit temps and a partially frozen over lake coated with snow!  We had NO IDEA it was suppose to snow, so it did look super pretty when we got up in the morning.  I joked who wanted to go for a dip in the lake today, but no one wanted to do another polar plunge...wonder why?!!

We had some yummy chocolate croissants for breakfast, cleaned up the house, and headed out.  I had to get back to STL relatively early because I had to meet my mom and her Kirkwood girl friends for her birthday party at "Art on the Vine"--a painting party place.

Despite picking the hardest painting to paint, I think all of our paintings turned out lovely...heck, I even hung mine up in our bedroom!  It was a fun time hanging with my mom's buddies (and my buddy Robyn who tagged along too with the ladies like I did!) and having a relaxing (keepin' that girls' weekend mentality up a little while longer!) few hours just chatting and painting.  I totally would love to do this painting type thing again because it was super fun and I love having new original "Alex" art in my house!

Side note: since the kids were in sposies all weekend, I got a proper size 2 Applecheeks stash shot.  OMG.  59 size 2 diapers (really should be 60, but 1 light purple one was MIA until I found it earlier today in the spare diaper bag)...dear lord, we have a TON!  Haha!

All in all, the girls' weekend was so amazingly awesome!  I had so much fun with all of my friends, who I am so lucky and blessed to have in my life, and cannot wait until we do it again.  I love my kiddos more than anything, but it's good for mama bear here to escape every once in a while to recover some sanity and in turn, make me an even better mama when I'm back with them!  Until our next weekend, I'll just sit here with anticipation! :)

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