Rosie at 9 Months

Sister bear is 9 months old today!  Officially 3/4ths of a year old, and just three (WAHHHH) months away from celebrating the big O-N-E.  Someone hold me, cause this is surely not has the past 9 months gone so fast?!  I will never know.

Now that Ro is 9 months old, I feel like she is slowlyyyyyy starting to grow out of her babyness and starting to morph more into a toddler.  Her expressions, understandings, and so much more are straying her away from infancy and into the next stage of her life: the toddler years.

There was NO WAY I was fitting 39 weekly snaps into one square, so I came up with this below instead to showcase all 39 weeks of Ro.

Friday will mark her being outside just as long as she was inside cooked...stay tuned on IG for that lovely little comparison snap.  I did share this one of my 39 week bump vs. Rosie at 39 weeks on FB and IG and I still cannot believe how fast 39 weeks have gone!  I swear I was just 39 weeks pregnant yesterday!

Rosie is still growing like a weed!  We have her official 9 month check-up at the doc's tomorrow, so you'll probably get a whole 'nother post alllllll about her 9 month visit at the pediatrician's office.  Even though our doc was adamant about starting Ro on solids right at 6 months, we waited until almost 8 months and couldn't be happier with the waiting and results.  I think I'm going to tell our doc that too, just to dispel her "food aversion" myth that didn't hold true for us waiting to start Rosie on solids.

Guess what?!!  It's time for the best part of these monthly posts: mom stats and milestones!  Exciting, isn't it?!  Try and contain your excitement...and at 9 months with Patrick was the first time I did monthly blog posts, so if you want to compare Rosie's here and Patrick's, click on over here to check his 9 month stats out.
  • Ro weighs 22 pounds and 10 ounces...up only 2 ounces from last month!  He growth has tapered off a bit--she's still growing and gaining every month, but definitely not at the rapid pace she once was.  I'm guessing she's 28 inches long, give or take...we'll find out tomorrow!
  • Wears 18 month and 18-24 month clothes.  Her 18 month clothes are beginning to get a bit snug around the snapping regions, so she's been in some 24 month clothes now a bit too.  I did get her a pair of donut pants and they only had 2T, so I thought they'd be a bit big and, uh, they fit (minus a tad long) yeah, girlfriend is still growing and filling out her clothes!  My guess is in the next month or two she'll be out of the 18-24 month and into 2T.  I got her a birthday outfit already (I think??? unless I find something else I like more!) and that's a 2T, so I'm hoping that's the size she'll be in this spring/summer.
  • Shoe size is in between a 3 and 4...3s are snug, 4s are a bit big.  I went ahead and ordered her some size 5 shoes (Keens! our favorite!!) for this summer, hoping that her feet grow a bit but not too much so she can wear them when hopefully she's walking around the pool and outside!  She doesn't wear shoes too much--mostly her soft leather moccs (from Hello Moccs which are our fave!!) and fabric shoes my aunt Kate has made her.  When she starts walking we'll bust out the real shoes for her :)
  • As I'm tying this, Rosie is rolling back to front and front to back on the floor below me!  I'm so proud of her!  She has finally FINALLY mastered this and she couldn't be happier with herself that she's able to move herself by flipping over each way.  She is a ninja sleeper in that she rolls all over her crib and flips back to front and front to back all night long, which is a moving improvement from last month!  
  • No crawling yet...she does roll, but is oh-so-content just sitting and watching everything going on.  I bet within this next month she'll start moving a bit more and maybe starting to crawl.  Although she is content just sitting she seems to want to reach out and grab things and then topples herself over and rolls...something she wasn't doing even a week ago!  Stay tuned...cause as soon as she starts crawling you'll be the first to hear about it...promise :)
  • Still oodles of nicknames, which include: Ro, Rosie, Ro Ro, Roey, sister bear, sissy, and sister.  I'm sure there's some more that we call her, but it's fun having nicknames for your kid--cause we've never really had any for Patrick (other than Mr. Pickles) cause we've always just called him by his full name!
  • Rosie is still a great sleeper.  It seems that she's found her grove, and goes a good 10+ hours before she wakes up, wants a snack, then goes back to sleep for another 2-3 hours.  Most nights she's in bed sleeping by 7:30-8pm, then sleeps until 5:30-6am, wakes up, eats for 10 minutes, then back to sleep until 8:30-9am.  It is great.  One rare occasions she skips her 5:30am wake-up and sleeps until 7:30-8am and then is up for the day.  Either way, she hasn't had a before 5:30am wake up in several weeks (!!!) so I'm really happy with how she is sleeping at night!
  • Sister bear takes 1 nap a day, and is usually from 1-4pm (give or take)...she is happy as a clam when she wakes up from her siesta as well!  By about 12:30 each day and super tired and cranky and demanding her lunch and nap.  She's like clockwork!  But when she gets up she's happy as a lark, ready to greet the rest of her day until bedtime.
  • Still nursing like.a.champ.  I'm proud of myself for making it 9 months of breastfeeding (and pumping when I'm at work) -- I'm mildly concerned about weaning and wondering if/when it'll ever happen...but until then I'm enjoying the bonding with my little gal.  Rosie will nurse at her 5:30am wake up, then take an 8oz bottle around 9am, each a mashed banana and oatmeal, have some fruits and veggie baby food for lunch, take another 4-6oz bottle around 12:30pm, nurse for a short time around 4pm when she gets up, eat some fruits/veggies and meats for dinner (along with small bits of whatever we're having), then nurse again at 7:30pm for bed.
  • Solid food is going really REALLY well!  We've yet to find something she doesn't like, which is reminiscent of her big brother's palate at her age.  She eats mostly pureed baby foods (has tried every thing out there I believe!), but she has had eggs, puffs, donuts (yep. #parentsoftheyear), ham, biscuits, green beans, carrots, corn, rice, and some other 'real' food I can't think of right now.  We're trying to give her more and more 'real' food each day along with the pureed stuff she eats really well. 
  • Sister has 6 teeth (4 top + 2 bottom), and I'm guessing the other 2 on the bottom will probably be popping through this next month I bet.  Thankfully she's only bitten me a few times, but seems to reserve her chompers for mashing up food instead of biting my nip.  So thoughtful.
  • Very much a thumb sucker when she's tired...and goes back and forth now between her right and left thumb seemlessly.  Patrick sucks his thumb only when he has his "monkey" (nappy blanket), and it seems Rosie is turning out to be the same way, only sucking it when she's sleepy.
  • Started sleeping with a little lovie doll she got for Christmas, who we call Bridgie.  She loves snuggling her in bed each and every nap/bedtime.  I'm debating asking my mom to go get another one from wherever she got it justtttttt in case this one gets destroyed or goes missing.  
  • Loves Scooter and Patrick oh-so-much.  Patrick can do just about anything and it'll get her giggling and laughing, and she can just sit and watch him for hours and hours.  She is fascinated and mesmerized by him and it's just the cutest thing!  She loves petting Scooter and Scooter loves affectionately licking the crap out of her.  It's oh-so-cute.
  • Has transitioned to being worn in the Tula mostly on my back (since I've mastered getting her on my back fairly easy) and she seems to really enjoy that!  Girlfriend loves being worn and I love wearing her.  It's just the best!
  • Is so happy, squealy, and giggly all the time!  She has developed such an adorable little personality (complete with some serious resting bitch faces a lot of the time too!) that I just love watching her grow, learn new things, and develop into the little lady she's growing into being!
So that's about it for the Rosie milestones and stats for 9 months!  My oh my, how she has grown since being hatched, amiright?!!

Here's a few outtake pics...a true resting bitch face look and her attempting to rip the sticker off her belly...if I remember correctly from Patrick it was about 9 months when the stickers started to be unusable again...hence why Rosie has a brand new set she's using!

And here's my favorite, Patrick at 9 months and Ro at 9 months.  So similarly different, eh?!

Whew, Rosie at 9 months.  What a fun, happy, smiley little lady we have!  We are so smitten with her and so happy she's part of our family!  I guess my baby is growing up and I should just accept it and go start planning her 1st birthday party, right?!!  Ha.  Until 10 months, adios friends!

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