366 Project Update

I've referenced this a bit in the past several weeks, and thought I'd do a formal update seeing as we're almost into month 3 of 2016...and although I've shared some of these pics, I kinda want to share all of them that I've snapped this far.  Plus, this week has been incredibly BORING (minus a glorious snow day on Wednesday, that I did NOTHING during and it was amazing) and I haven't really had anything other 'blogworthy' to write about...so!  I give you my 366 Black and White project update!

Today is day 57, and I haven't snapped a black and white pic today, so that's just days 1-56.  I'm shockingly impressed with myself that I've actually managed to NOT miss any days (yet!  --and hopefully not at all!) which is astounding to me.

And I want to reiterate (mostly to myself) that these pics don't necessarily symbolize "the day" that it was taken, but more so what was taken in the now when I snapped it.  A few I've cheated (not really, I don't think I actually made this a formal rule for myself) and taken with my big camera instead of my iPhone, but the vast majority are simple iPhone snaps edited in PicTapGo! with my favorite black and white filter.  A few snaps other people (Mike, Patrick!!) have taken, but I loved them so much I thought I'd share them.

Overall, I am really happy with how my project is going thus far, and proud of myself for not throwing in the towel and keeping it going!  It does get tedious sometimes when 6pm approaches and I realize I haven't snapped a pic for this--but again, I challenge myself to not 'force' a pic and just snap naturally (hehehe that sounds funny) and hope for a good pic for the day!  I love how the pics vary in what they're showing and are raw and (minus the black and white!) unedited and real.  They give a glimpse into our life and I am loving watching every second of it evolve!

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