Rosie is MOVING!  So not crawling, but doing exactly what her big brother did right before he crawled: she's a roller!  And she is officially ALL OVER THE PLACE.  She gets sooooo close to crawling (on all fours, rocking back and forth), then she just flops down and starts rolling.  Whatevs, you do you, Rosie.

Anyways, Mike suggested putting this gem of a song in the background to a video I took of Rosie rolling around the other day and OMG, I'm dyinggggg.  Pretty hilarious, isn't it?!!  I mean, we've used this song before...once or twice...(here and here), so naturally it was a good fit for Ro to have it used in her rollin' video as well.

I'm sure Sister Bear will get her own crawling post as soon as she gets going, but for now, this is her primary mode of transportation.  Roll on sister, roll on.

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