Rosie at 10 Months

No no no no no!  I swear I just hit publish on Rosie's 9 month post and BAM!  Here we are at 10 months!  How is she almost a year old?!  No way, I swear I just had her!  I SWEAR!  Each month seems to fly by faster and faster than the last.  Gahhh, time, why must you go by in an instant?!

Anywho, sister bear is 10 whole months old!  Double-digits now for months!  I cannot believe it.  She's less and less like a baby and more like a toddler each and every day.

There was no way I was fitting 43 weekly snaps into 1 square (I don't think that'll ever happen again BTW), so here's the best you're gonna get of all 43 weekly pics Ro has taken thus far.

Rosie has definitely plateaued a bit in her growth--I mean, she's definitely GROWING, just not gaining the poundages like she once was...and I'm okay with that.  It's been nice to keep her in the same size of clothing for the past several months!

Now it's your favorite part: MOM STATS!  I love that I blogged this age with Patrick, so I have his 10 month stats to look back upon as well.  Anywho, without further adieu, here ya go!
  • Rosie weighs 23 pounds and 4 ounces -- up about 10 oz from last month!  As I said earlier, she definitely has plateaued a bit.  I'm betting she's around 29 inches long if I had to guess.
  • Wears 18-24 month clothes and a few 24 month/2T (depending on the brand).  The 18 month are definitely getting snugggg so we may be transitioning to 24 month stuff by 11 months I bet.  I've gotten some spring/summer clothes for Ro Ro and they're all in 2T, so hopefully that's what she'll be in by then!  Ohhh, wait till you see her Easter and birthday outfits!  They are so cute!
  • Still is in a size 3 or 4 shoe, depending on the brand.  Girlfriend has some CHUNKY feet and some shoes are hard to sausage her tootsies in...and the others are hard to keep on because her feet are just so big.  Ha!  Patrick has big ol' fat feet too (they get that from their dad--mine are very narrow) so I'm sure she's just following in his footsteps...literally.
  • Rosie has 7 teeth!  4 up top and 3 down below, and I think I feel her 4th bottom tooth coming through as well!  I'm guessing that her molars are probably going to be popping through sometime soon too.  We really haven't seen any major teething issues from her (knocking on wood as I type this!), so I hope that keeps up!  She does look oh-so-adorable with her little toothie grin now!
  • About a week ago Rosie started moving!  Not officially "crawling", but rolling and scooting (which is funny cause that's how Patrick started moving too (although he was around 9 months when he started doing that) before he formally crawled and then started walking shortly after his first birthday.  I'm sad my sedentary easy baby is mobile now, but also excited for her to start exploring more and really playing with Patrick!
  • Ro is not standing or pulling up.  If you stand her up against something (either holding on or with her back towards it) she will stay there for a second before she topples down.  I'm sure as soon as she starts moving more she'll be pulling up and standing in no time...but I'm in no rush for that :)
  • Has learned a ton of new parlor tricks: she can clap and wave!  She will do these on command as well, which is super duper cute.  She likes to wave bye-bye when we're leaving or if she is moving away from someone.  It's so darn cute.  I'm pretty sure Patrick was like 2 years old before he did these things, let alone on command (not really, but it surely wasn't before a year!), so Ro must be super advanced, right?!  RIGHT.  :) 
  • Still lots and lots of nicknames!  Names such as: Ro, Rosie, Ro Ro, Roey, sister bear, sissy, sister, Princess Peach, and I'm sure there's some more that we call her that I can't remember right now.  It's fun having nicknames for your kid--cause we've never really had any for Patrick (other than Mr. Pickles) cause we've always just called him by his full name!
  • Ro is a great sleeper.  I wrote a post earlier this year about the 5am rule and fortunately I reverse-jinxed myself because we really haven't had to institute that rule lately!  I don't think I've heard Rosie squawk before 7am in the past several weeks!  --And usually when she does she falls back asleep.  She is consistently sleeping 11-12 hours now at night and it is glorioussss.  I hope it lasts forever and ever!  Haha!  But during the week I wake her up at 6:30am to feed her and then she goes back to sleep until about 8:30am.  On the weekends I let her just sleep until she wakes up and lately that's been after 8am, so she's been getting 12+ hours of sleep!  It's been sooooooo amazingly awesome and refreshing.
  • Sister bear still takes 1 nap a day, usually from 1-4pm.  Girlfriend likes her siestas.  She arises in the morning around 8-9am, naps at 1pm, and then goes to bed around 7:30-8pm at night.  She's as regular as a Swiss watch!
  • She's super into food now, and definitely preferring real food over baby food (I don't blame her).  She will eat absolutely anything we give her EXCEPT avocados.  She actively looks disgusted when we shove those in her mouth and spits them out (the only food she does that with, which is funny to me because Patrick loves them so much!).  She'll still eat baby food, but she likes to have what we're having, so she's been getting a lot of real food as well.  She's really good at eating and chomping food up with her teeth and gums, so I'm hoping to ditch all baby food here in the next month or so because it's 1. expensive 2. smells gross 3. easier to just do real food!
  • Girlfriend still nurses 3 times a day (or more when I'm off work)--once about 6:30am when I wake her up to eat before I leave, once around 4pm when she gets up from her nap, and once right before bed.  She takes about 8-10oz of breastmilk from a bottle during the time I'm gone at work.  But, I will say this is new territory with me--Patrick was pretty much strictly bottle-fed from 4 months on, and Rosie much prefers mom to the bottle.  It'll be interesting to see how long she wants to keep nursing!  I'm hoping to stop pumping by 12 months but I'll keep nursing her as long as she wants to.  I hope that'll help me more naturally wean rather than stopping cold turkey like I did with Patrick.
  • Still a religious thumb sucker (just like her big bro and mom here are/was!) when she's sleepy.  She's started sleeping with a little doll she got for Christmas and it's the cutest thing how she cuddles her and always has to have her to sleep.  Unfortunately that's the only doll we have like that and it was bought on clearance so who knows if there are even any more out there.  Hopefully she won't become too attached and/or lose it...
  • Ro still absolutely loves being worn in the Tula, which is mostly on my back now.  I love wearing her and she really seems to love being up there, so I'm sure this'll be something we do for the foreseeable future.  Plus, having 2 arms free while still carrying your kid is kinda awesome :)
  • She LOVES her big brother (probably more than anything!) and loves Scooter.  These two can get a belly laugh out of her like no other and it's just amazing.  I love their relationship and how much all of them seem to adore one another.
So that's about all I've got for Rosie at 10 months old!  I really need to start planning her 1st birthday party (spoiler: it's donut themed!)...I've actually already made the invite and set the date, just need to figure out the rest of the logistics!

You always like some outtakes, don't you?!  I sure do!  Here's some outtakes from Rosie's 10 month photoshoot, which, as I pointed out last month, are getting harder and harder to take!  What is their fascination with the belly stickers?!!

And, lastly, I'll leave you with my favorite: Patrick at 10 months vs. Rosie at 10 months.  I am seeing more and more similarities each and every day!

Until 11 months (OMG, I only have 2 monthly posts left!  Someone hold me!!!), I bid you farewell!

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