GoPro Patrick at the Pond

Earlier this week we played Hide & Seek: GoPro style and it was sooooo much fun.  I cannot wait to play it again really soon (Patrick keeps asking to play it!).

Anyways, last night Mike suggested an impromptu dinner at the Pond -- this means we all meet at Goose's nursing home at 6pm and everyone brings their own dinners and we chow down with Goose.  We try and do this every few weeks, and it is always a lot of fun because Patrick entertains the guests and staff (and runs around like crazy) and Goose gets to snuggle with her Rosie (and Patrick too).

Mike suggested we put the GoPro on Patrick again for our visit to the Pond.  Patrick happily obliged; he sure loves that thing oh-so-much!  We were able to capture 3 different videos (I know, they're long and probably boring as can be for you, so don't feel like you have to watch them :) of his shenanigans at the Pond and, once again, it makes me smile to watch these and hear his cute little voice and almost see what he's thinking as he runs around the Pond.

Anyways, if you want to watch some/all of them, they're embedded below for your viewing pleasure.  And, fair warning, since this Patrick GoPro is becoming a "thing", I'm sure I'll have oodles more of these videos loaded up on my blog here in the near future.  You've been warned :)

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