Hide & Seek: GoPro Style

Someone posted a few days ago about toddler Hide & Seek taken to another level: strapping a GoPro to the toddler to capture their "seeking" experience.  A few people tagged me on this video on Facebook and immediately I knew I had to do this.  We already have a GoPro andddddd an excessive amount of accessories to go along with them, so I knew we had to make this work.  Patrick is at such an amazingly awesome fun age right now I knew this would only be awesome if we could get him to do it and not mess with the camera.  Challenge = accepted.

Did you know an adult-size head mount fits a 2.5 year old?!  Me either!  But it does!  So, GAME ON.

Once we got home from work and got the kids from Papa's house we decided to have a family Hide & Seek game.  Patrick had never played this before, but caught on quickly to the idea that we would hide and he would come and find us.

I strapped the camera to his head, turned it on, told him to count to 10, and then come find us!  I actually had the GoPro stream live on my iPhone, so it was so fun to literally watch him go from place to place seeking us out.

Isn't his sweet little voice just the cutest?!  He cracks me up, and truly is at such a fun age where he understands things, can communicate things, and listens to directions (for the most part!).  I just love love LOVE having a 2.5 year old boy!

We played this for almost an hour!  It was SO.MUCH.FUN.  I told Mike we need to play it again soon where we all hide in the basement and someone hides in the ballpit, another inside the Thomas train, and another inside the play tunnel.

Anyways, I just wanted to share these couple GoPro Hide & Seek videos with you all.  They just make my heart smile seeing how cute he is and enjoying such a fun and easy family activity laced with technology.  I'm sure I'll post any future ones we do as well, don't you worry :)

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