I feel like I haven't done a "life lately" post in quite some time...and even though I've been on a tear it seems lately posting things, I haven't really don't a quick (haha, good one Alex) recap of what we've been up to lately.  So!  Without further adieu, here's a little what's happening lately update for you all. You're super excited, aren't you?!

Let's start with this picture.  Mike snapped this of me last night feeding Rosie after work and I just love it so.  I have almost no pictures nursing (and the majority of those are selfies anyways) that I was really happy to have him snap this pic of me and Ro.  I went ahead and posted it on Facebook and Instagram and actually was met with welcomed reception!  (Part of me was scared it'd get reported for "inappropriate content", cause there are trolls out there who do that)  I am quite proud come Saturday we'll have made it 10 solid months of breastfeeding, pumping when I'm at work or away from Ro, and almost 7000 ounces of milk donated.  I really really don't like to brag on myself or what not, but I am really proud of this feat.  Rosie has no intention it seems of stopping nursing anytime lately, and I'm okay with that.  I'm ready to ditch the pump at 12 months, but I'll keep nursing her as long as this little lady wants to go.

My black and white project I've been doing on Instagram is 34 days in and going strong!  I haven't missed a day (yet!  hopefully won't ever!) and I love looking back on the pics I've captured.  Most of them are raw, unposed, happening NOW type pics and I just love them so.  I don't know yet what I'm going to do with all of them (probably make a book :) but I really am loving looking back at how I've been documenting our lives.  They don't necessarily represent the most important thing that happened that day, but instead a real, instant snap into what was happening right then and there.

I'm sorry, but sleeping kids are just the cutest.thing.ever.  I snapped this the other day when I went to pick the kids up from my mom's.  Spoiler: Patrick is a hot mess and a complete trainwreck when he's awoken from his slumbers, either in the morning or from a nap.  He screams, cries, and is generally a whiny mess for the next hour.  I try at all costs to let him wake up on his own rather than wake him up so as to not unnerve the beast that can come out when I do.

We've managed to snag a few of these amazing Tula blankets and they really are as awesome as the hype around them: soft as butter and oh-so-adorable.  Ro really loves hers and Patrick loves snuggling and sleeping with his.  I have a few more coming that I think I'm going to save for gifts for people or to send as surprise fluff mail.  I just love giving gifts!

My mom van, which my own mother thinks we should name "Nagel" (since we had to sell the Nagel house to be able to fund her), got new door guards earlier this week.  She is officially all decked out and ready to cruise the streets of STL!  Watch out world.  I am still absolutely in love with this van.  I discover new things it can do each and every day!

This girl turned 43 weeks old on Monday and has kind of figured out how to suck her squeeze pouches herself!  We'll keep working on it :) She hasn't really mastered the sippy cup yet, but seems good at "sucking"--so I think I may get her one of those straw sippy cups for her to try instead.

Can we talk about how flexible this little lady is?!  Holy cow, I wish I could move like she does!  She's still not crawling, but holy cow, can she stretch and bend her body in ways that I didn't know were possible, especially with a huge cloth diaper on too!  Props Ro, you are one flexible little gal.

A cousin snap from last weekend...pretend they're on a sled.  Haha!  Lizzy was giving Rosie some serious lovin' and then Patrick came up to join the party.  Can you believe these 3 are all within 2 short years in age of each other?!  I'm sure they'll grow up to be besties :)

This little guy is looking more and more grown up each and every day.  I cannot believe he's going to be 3 in a few short months.  I swear I just had him last week!  Anyways, he's such a ham lately, so cooperative and so into taking pics and posing.  He drew that pic (which he said, "I make potty" -- apparently he drew a potty for me. awwww) last week at my mom's and it's now hanging on our fridge.  Isn't he just the cutest?!  I'm soooooo biased, I know, I know.

I thought this was a cool combined pic from the Pet Parade last weekend...Scooter's GoPro happened to capture me at the same time I was capturing him!  Kinda neat, eh?!  I thought so.

I have been whipping out my Polaroid camera recently and snapping some pics of the kids.  I love the printed nature of them (we hang them on our cabinets) but the techie part of me cringes a bit that I don't have a digital duh, I take a picture of it!  Haha!  Still works, right?!!  Right.

Apparently I've been really good at snapping pics of Rosie in her Applecheeks diapers atop my favorite quilt!  Whenever #3 comes along I may have to do weekly (or monthly) pics of him/her on this quilt cause I love it so so so much.  The colors are just amazing and obviously I'm partial about the little lady on it too :)

Lastly, I'll conclude this pic with this smiley little lady who is a little over 2 months away from turning 1 year old.  Someone hold me.  I cannot believe it!  Okay, I need to go back and re-read my second paragraph and savor that bond I have still with her and know that she is still my baby.  Gahhh!  What a sappy way to end this post!  Anyways, have a great one friends!

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