Crumbolicious Deliciousness

This past weekend was a doozy -- I had an engagement shoot Friday night and then ELEVEN mini-sessions on Saturday!  By the time Sunday came around  Seriously, completely pooped!  I mean, I love love LOVE taking pictures, but boy doing almost 5 straight hours on Saturday wore me out -- which I guess I better get use to seeing as I have 4 weddings booked in the next 6 months!

Anyways, Sunday night our usual jam is to head over to my inlaws for Sunday family dinner.  This past Sunday was no exception -- when Mike got home from work we loaded up the van and headed on over!

The kiddos had a blast playing in the yard and wagon before dinner was ready.  Side note, how freaking adorable is Ro in her June & January play dress?!  Good thing I bought a couple cause it's going to be a staple 'round these parts this hot summer.

Anyways, so after play time we headed in for dinner...and then I brought a special treat to share with everyone for dessert:

^^^That bad boy.  The peeps at Crumbolicious sent me this chocolate chip crumb cake to share with my family -- which was a nice treat seeing as Mother's Day is justttttt around the corner and, hint hint, mama here loves her some cake.

Patrick, per his usual self, darted away from the dinner table about .02 seconds after he finished his meal, but as soon as he heard "cake" he raced back in, stole my chair (lovely), and wanted to literally fish his little chubby fingers into the cake and eat it with his hands.  Dude loves sugar...can't say I blame him.

Once we got him back in his seat and the proper eating equipment (read: not his hands) and a side of strawberries, he dug right in.  To say he loved it was an understatement: he cleaned that plate like no other!

Ro loved her cake as well -- I'm pretty sure she mixed it in with her lasagna and green beans as well, but, YOLO sister bear.  There wasn't a cake crumble to be found on her tray so I'd say she really enjoyed it.

We don't often do 'formal' desserts at dinner time, so this was an especially nice treat to have something that kept us all at the table (or brought Patrick back to it!) and chit chatting while we enjoyed this yummy cake from Crumbolicious.

The cool thing about them is that you don't have to actually GO ANYWHERE to get your cake -- that was the coolest part.  You browse their site, find the deliciousness that you want, order, and they ship it to your door all nice and wrapped up safely so it looks the same as it did when they packaged it up when you unwrap it.  I like that it's preservative free too...I swear that makes it taste better.

Anyways, I really REALLY enjoyed sharing this cake with my family.  It gave us a few extra minutes to laugh and chat before the hustle and bustle of dinner clean up, baths, and bedtime set in.  Thanks so much Crumbolicious for that :)

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