Rosie at 12 Months

Holy smokes, it's here guys.  Rosie is 12 months old -- ONE YEAR OLD.  I cannot believe it.  It literally has gone by in an instant and I swear I was just typing up her birth story and BAM!  Here we are at one year old.  So crazy.

Ro turned 52 weeks old on Monday, and today (thank you leap year!) she is officially one year old.  Gah!  I'm going to miss doing these weekly Monday snaps with her, and, truth be told, miss writing up her little monthly blog posts here too.  Gosh, I'm making myself emotional and I've barely started this post!  I totally cheated and used this awesome tutorial on how to make this collage quick and easy in Photoshop.  Whyyyyy I haven't been making all of the collages this way, I have no idea.  I will from now on!

Rosie's first birthday party is this weekend, so I'm in the process of getting all of her weekly and monthly stat pics printed so I can display them for her party.  I did the same thing for Patrick's first birthday and I think it was a hit, so I'm going to do it for Ro too.

Just like I did with Patrick, I did a very quick little photoshoot for Rosie for being one year old...and I decided to do it in the same spot (front yard!) as I did Patrick's...kinda a fun little tradition I'm starting, huh?!

Since Rosie literally started crawling right after I posted her 11 month update, she's definitely thinned out a smidgen now that girlfriend is on the move!  And by thinned out I mean her weight seems to be more evenly distributed rather than just in her thighs :) --she did still gain a whole pound from last month!

We go back to the doc tomorrow for her official one year check up, but for now, you get to live with my mom stats for Ro at 12 months old!
  • Rosie weighs 25 pounds exactly -- up exactly a pound from last month!  She's got almost a half a pound on what Patrick was at a year.  I'm guessing she's around 30 inches or so.  She's definitely still a chunk and it shows!  I sure love her rolls though...they are so darn cute!
  • Ro is in all 2T clothes now!  Some 2T shirts are a wittle tight up top, but I'm sausaging her in them cause that's what she's got to wear!  I got her a few cute 2T swim suits for the pool this year along with some other 2T clothes (hoping she gets some more for her birthday!).  She wears a size 4/5 shoe, and as soon as she starts walking she'll get a brand spankin' new pair of tennis shoes from her NeeNee!
  • Literally the day after she turned 11 months old Rosie decided to start crawling!  She is slow and steady like a turtle, but gets where she needs to go.  She's such the opposite of Patrick, who was ALL OVER THE PLACE.  She really isn't at all, and is so content just getting where she needs to be and stopping and playing with a toy for a long while.
  • Not standing or pulling up...although I think she's pretty close.  She will stay standing if you set her up against something or give her something to hold on to.  Patrick was cruising along furniture and such by this point, but not Ro!  Although I bet in the next month or so she will and then she'll be walking all over the place!  Again, she seems pretty content by her mode of transportation as it is right now, and so am I!
  • No more baby food!  Eats solely table food and is a champ with it.  We've yet to find something, besides avocados, that she doesn't like!  Current favorites are french fries, yogurt, blueberries, bananas, chicken, turkey, applesauce, and a ton of other stuff I can't think of right now.  She's such a great eater!
  • Still has 8 teeth, four up top, four on the bottom.  I'm betting her molars will make their appearance sometime soon.  She definitely is a pro at using these to chomp up any and everything that comes into her mouth!
  • Has done excellent with no more bottle and adapted really well to the sippy cup!  She actually has mastered a straw and will suck down a full sippy (straw) cup of water out of that!  She has gotten the hang of the bite-and-suck Camelbak water bottles too, which is good cause she's getting one for her birthday.
  • Still nurses 3-4 times a day with no end in sight!  I'll keep going as long as she wants to.  She still just gets breastmilk, and I'm sure the doc at our appointment tomorrow will say she can start whole milk, but heck, if I'm still making breastmilk, that's what she's gonna drink cause it's better for her.  She's had cow's milk a few times and seems to like it, so I'm sure the transition will be fine on her.  Dairy doesn't seem to bother her at all so when we switch over I'm hoping it'll be seamless.
  • EXCELLENT sleeper.  She usually goes a good 12-13 hours every.single.night. and it's sooooo glorious.  Goes to bed between 7:30/8pm and wakes up anywhere between 8-9am.  'Tis wonderful.  She takes one 2-3 hour nap a day after lunch, and goes down and wakes up for nap and bedtime without a fuss!  I remember around this age Patrick took longer and longer to fall asleep every night, so I'm hoping she doesn't follow suit cause she does so well right now!
  • Can still clap, wave, and shake her head on command!  It's so funny when she does it.  And she's selective though about who she offers up these things to (or heck, even a smile!)
  • Still says "uh-oh" (appropriately too, like when she drops something on the ground) and I'm pretty sure she has said Scooter, dada, and mama as well, but they're not as easy to identify as "uh-oh" is.
  • Still oodles and oodles of nicknames!  Ro, Rosie, Ro Ro, Roey, sister bear, sissy, sister, Princess Peach, and a ton of other ones I'm sure.  Patrick still calls her Ro Ro and sister bear and it is the sweetest little thing I've ever heard.  He also will call her Rosie and they way he says it melts my heart!
  • Very much an avid thumb sucker, which seems to be her left thumb mostly after her finger injury on her right hand.  Seems to prefer to suck it when she's going to sleep and not really too much any other time unless she's feeling tired.
  • Gets visibly frustrated when she wants more of something and is being denied it (a toy, food, drink, etc...) and will screammmmm and let you know about it!  This is her tried and true method of communication as of late and she's really REALLY good at it.
  • LOVES the Tula!  And more recently, loves pulling my hair and yanking my braid while she's in it!  She thinks that's hysterical, by the way.  Me, not so much.  We have an excessive amount of Tulas now but they all get used A LOT because of how much she likes to be carried!
  • Loves her big brothers (furry and not so much!) SO MUCH!  She will watch them obsessively doing whatever they are doing and wherever they are going.  Patrick is probably her favorite person ever and when he's away on a sleepover you can tell she really misses him!  He is so sweet with her and so good about sharing his stuff with her it's just the cutest thing ever.
  • Has a bit of separation anxiety when away from mom (more so with me thank Mike) -- especially if I set her down from being held or hand her off to someone.  Usually it's just a quick cry and she's fine, but sometimes it's a bit longer and more drawn out.  What can I say?!  Girlfriend loves her mama!
Here are a few outtake snaps from her 12 month couch shoot (last one! WAHHHH!) -- I feel like she knew this was the last time I was formally gonna put her there on the couch with those stickers that she couldn't resist messing with.

Now, since this is an extra special post to conclude Rosie's first year of life, I have a ton of comparison and collage pics to throw at you...#sorrynotsorry.  

And finally, I'll end with Patrick at 12 months vs. Rosie.  

Alrighty folks, that's it!  Gahhh!  No more weekly snaps from me (wahhh!) nor monthly ones- --m y baby is officially ONE, and not a baby anymore!  Welcome to toddlerhood Ro, I'm sure your big brother will show you the ropes and guide your way.  I love you so much Ro Ro!

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