It's Wednesday!  WOOT!  Two working days left then the weekend, which I'm uber-excited about because Mike is off anddddd we have one of Patrick's birthday parties on Sunday (yeah, denial here that he's gonna be THREE on Monday.  I.can't.even.).  School is sort-of winding down and it's getting kinda surreal that year 8 of teaching is going to be in the books soon and another summer with my bebes is upon me.  I am excited for that, seeing as we have THREE (!!!) trips booked: Florida, Alaska, and DC.  Hitting all corners it seems.

Anywho, last night our buddy Levi and his parents Meghan (hiiiiii loyal reader!) and Adam came over for dinner.  It was oodles of fun and Patrick had a great time running around with his buddy!  Mike got to converse for about 30 seconds between Patrick's constant "my butt hurts!" trips to the potty and meeting with my second cousin who was a lifesaver and came over and fixed our busted AC.  Anyways, we had a great time with them and hope to do something again with them SOON!

Have I mentioned Patrick is OBSESSED with Paw Patrol?!  No?!  This is the first time?!  Well he most definitely is and bathtime is no exception: he's addicted to his PP bath toys and gets so excited when a new one finds its way into the poop present basket so he can earn it with another #2.  TMI?!  #sorrymomlife.

Since I'm obsessed with all things June & January when I got Ro dressed this afternoon decked out in some BOLDDDDD J&J colors, I had to whip out my 5D and 85mm lens and snappity snap some pics of her wearing it.  I'm biased, but gosh is she adorable or what?!!  And I love our mirror selfie too, especially the last one of her looking up at me wondering why the heck I'm snapping pics at her all the time.  Get use to it sister, it'll probably just get worse.

We had an amazing evening tonight -- a rarity it seems from our usual extremely busy weeknights.  We went to my favorite restaurant for dinner, then got ice cream, then went to the park!

Patrick had to try Ro's bow and as soon as I snapped the pic Mike said, "Wow, he looks just like Lizzy!" -- So true, he totally does.  Those Mooney genes are STRONG.

Patrick had a great time getting his OWN ice cream cone then playing at the park.  I love the slow-mo video I caught of him going down the terrifyingly high slide like it was no big deal...just like he scaled the super tall climbing wall too without blinking an eye.  Gosh, he really is getting big, isn't he?!

Anyways, that's about all I've got for this super exciting midweek update!  Honestly, like always, it was an excuse to dump a bunch of photos and videos for my blog or digital baby book.  Hope you've enjoyed it :)  Have a great Thursday and Friday friends!

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