Rosie's 12 Month Check-Up

Ro turned ONE yesterday and today had her 12 month/one year well check at her doc!

In the 48 hours since I last weighed Ro for her one year mom stats, she's gained almost another pound (13 ounces!!) -- probably from her donut and cupcake indulgences yesterday. 

Speaking of weight, Ro's doc asked, "So, is she standing or pulling up?" I said, "Nope."  She said, "Yeah, I wouldn't be either if I weighed that much at her age."  Ha!  She's so right though -- that's a ton of weight for Ro to carry around and try and move (probably why she just started crawling a month ago too), so it may take her a bit to start standing up/pulling up and start walking.  Hey, that's just fine with me, she's easier to handle the less mobile she is!

Ro's appointment otherwise went very well!  The doc was super happy with her growth (obviously!) and everything else.  She said her molars are on there way in (yay) and said her finger from her accident a few weeks ago is healing nicely and looks great.  

Ro got 3 shots and as much as I hate seeing her upset for the 3 minutes afterwards, they are soooo worth it in keeping her immune system strong to prevent any nastiness from her acquiring, like measles.  We love vaccinations and will continue to do them!  The benefits far outweigh any risks or side-effects for us, so we'll embrace them always!

Our doc said Ro can keep nursing and drinking breastmilk as long as she wants, so we're gonna keep going and keep that up until she wants to stop.  We'll probably give her cow's milk here and there too, but if I'm keeping up the production I might as well give her the liquid gold cause that is the best stuff she can have.

All in all it was a fantastic year check up for Miss Rosie!  She is growing like a weed still, and is just such a little joy and we love having her as part of our family!  Until her 15 month check up, adios!

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