3rd Birthday Shenanigans

My not so little dude is officially three years old today and I still CANNOT believe it.  TOO FAST!  TOO FAST it went!

Last night I had an engagement shoot and Patrick hung at my parents house until I got back (sportin' his new haircut, isn't he adorable?!!) and then the lighting was just perfect when I got back and I whipped my camera out and snapped some birthday eve pics of my favorite little guy.

Gahhhhh, I can't handle how old he looks!  

Anyways, Patrick went to sleep a 2 year old and graced us at 2am as a 3 year old!  I can count on one hand the times he's woken up in the middle of the night past the newborn stage, so I was a bit taken aback when I heard him crying.  He said he had a bad dream, but he was on fire, his eye all gunky and swollen, and had a cough.  GREATTTTT.  We gave him some tylenol and cough syrup and he fell right back to sleep.  I decided to go ahead and call in sick to school since I was probably going to have to take him to the doctor when he got up.

I got up early and went and got donuts for all of us (Pepin tradition!) and then got Patrick up about 8:30am to be able to give the doc a report.  Well, wouldntcha know it?!  No eye problems to be had, cough was there but not as bad, and no fever.  What.the.heck.  Oh well, guess I got a freebie day off with my boy now, huh?!  I'll take it!  I *think* it's all a cold and/or allergies and hopefully it'll start going away soon whatever he's got.  I'm hoping and praying he doesn't have my allergies!

Anyways, once he got up he raced to the living room to see all of his gifts -- he absolutely loved his new bike and helmet and tore into all of his Paw Patrol stuff, including new books, pajamas, bath color drops, and a toy organizer.  He was thrilled with the stuff he got!

He then devoured his donut, in pure Mooney fashion, before hopping from one toy/book to the next -- I think he was overwhelmed with all of his new stuff he didn't know where to start!

We went outside for just a few minutes -- it was only about 55 degrees and rainy so we didn't stay long -- so Patrick could test out his new bike.  He really loves it, and I can't wait to see him tear it up this summer!

After a quick lunch Patrick and Ro went down for siestas and I got some schoolwork done before they got up!

Once they got up, after a quick few sibling pics, Patrick got to go on a special secret mission with KiKi and Goose (Ro and I tagged along too, cause I NEED PICTURES!).  He was so excited and had no idea where he was going!  What a fun birthday treat!

Patrick loved building Marshall (he had built Chase from Paw Patrol over Christmas) and it was so awesome Goose got out and got to see him build too!

Little man got a special treat too, cause, it was his birthday: a fire truck ride!  60 seconds of wild thrills for 75 cents.  Can't beat that, can ya?!

After Build-a-Bear we meet my mom and Mike's parents at Chick-Fil-A (Patrick's pick!) for dinner before hitting up the carwash and then home for bath and bedtime.

Patrick's poor eyes started looking really glassy this afternoon and then his left one nice and red.  He said they don't hurt or itch, so I'm wondering if it is allergies or another kind of infection...maybe even Pink Eye.  Either way, I gave him some Benadryl in case it is some allergic reaction and then Mike will probably be taking him to the doc tomorrow if it doesn't magically go away overnight.  Oh, and see the shiner on his left cheek too?!  Well, when KiKi got here earlier today Patrick turned to go greet her and BAM!  Turned right into the barstool chair in our kitchen and smoked his eye!  Poor guy, what a way to end his birthday, huh?!

Before bed Patrick kept up his usual routine of watching Paw Patrol, now with all of his new PP buddies surrounding him.  Awwwww, right?!

We then sat down to read his new Cheerios book before bed and this page had me ROLLING.  Seriously?!  "One seal needs two balls to balance.  Do you have any?" Why yes, yes he does actually.  I.was.dying.

Anyways, it was a fantastically awesome day for my big THREE year old, and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for him!  So many new things to see and experience, I just cannot wait to see it and watch him continue to grow and develop into such a little dude.  I love you so much Patrick, thanks for making me a mommy exactly 3 years ago!

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