What a Weekend!

After I posted my little #HoosierPoolKwood update, I thought I'd give another fun-filled little update about our Memorial Day weekend 'round these parts.  I have just a couple days of meetings this week then I am officially DONE with school for the summer and until August 1st. Woo-freaking-hoo!  I cannot wait.

Patrick is really becoming a whiz on his stride bike -- and we've taken a few walks to the playground recently and he's cruised right along on it like a pro!  I also love how stylin' he looks with his dino helmet and Babiators.

All of the kids, Scoots included, had a blast at the park yesterday morning. The weather has been gorgeous lately, and we're trying to take advantage of our outdoors time not in the pool as much as we can until it gets stupid hot and muggy and awful out.

Scooter got invited once again (third year in a row!) to Pooches in the Ballpark and our tickets came this week and I just love getting mail addressed to my dog.  Braxton and Lauren are going with us this year (Mike's gotta work.  Boo hiss.) so it's gonna be so much fun having them there with us!!

Rosie has developed an addiction to milk shakes (cannot blame her) and whenever I get one she demands it and sucks that sucker dry and I am without my shake.  So I need to get better about concealing it from both her and Patrick now if I want my frosty beverage all to myself.

Patrick is basically a child prodigy and figured out the childproof door looks on the knobs so he can waltz out of his room whenever he feels like it.  This.sucks.  So!  I ordered a tall door lock for his room so he can't let himself out early in the morn to come hang in bed with us.  Mama don't play that game.

I mean, could they be any cuter?!! #Nope

My mom found my birth announcement from almost 31 years ago when I was born and I felt like it was a blog-worthy inclusion so here ya go.  Wasn't I cute?!  And what the heck was I covered with?!  A tarp?!!  Geez.

Yesterday marked 25 years since my grandma (my mom's dad) died...so my mom and a few of her siblings had a big BBQ with his favorite food and went to the graveyard to say hello.  Patrick really enjoyed it because he now tells me, "I see dead people at cemetery."  So that's fun.  Haha!

Mike and I didn't go to the BBQ because we had a wedding to shoot!  Yes!  We have FOUR weddings booked for 2016 so the first one up with on Memorial Day weekend for Bill and Colleen.  All week rain and storms were predicted and then BOOM.  Nothing: bright sunny skies and the most perfect weather imaginable, which was perfect since it was an outdoor wedding.

I picked a few of my favorite snaps from their day and edited them and posted some quick teasers late last night for them to see...and now, since it's naptime, I'm diving into the 3100+ other pics we took last night!  Yeah, it's gonna take me a while to get through these!  But that's okay, I enjoy doing it a lot!

So, that's about all I've got for this quick little weekend recap!  We're having a BBQ dinner over here at our place tonight with Mike's family, so that'll be fun.  Patrick is excited to go swimming with uncle Brian.

Alrighty friends, have a wonderful end of your weekend and Memorial Day!  Have those flags flyin' high!

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