The Big Chop

I texted this ^^^ picture to Kent, my hair guy earlier this week saying, "It's time.  I can't handle this mane any longer.  Help me."  He graciously replied that he could get me in at 3:45pm on Wednesday and cleared the remainder of his day because "You need serious help" is what he said.  And he was right: the hair situation was out of control.

Let's backtrack justasecond... I haven't had my hair chopped in almost 4 years.  And before that, it was 3 years... I hacked it all off in 2009...then again in 2012 right after my wedding.  You see, I go in cycles: I grow it out and "just looooove" long hair until it gets frustrating to me cause it's so thick and tangly and hurts to be brushed (I have a sensitive scalp!) and then I get angry and hack it...then I miss my long hair and grow it out again and: repeat cycle.

Earlier this week I reached my breaking point (and honestly, the longest my hair has ever been) and I couldn't take it -- it needed to go, and REALLY go: I wanted it SHORT.  I was sick of wrestling with my brush and getting teary-eyed (not kidding) trying to brush out of the tangles and just wearing my hair in one way (a braid) because that's all that would keep it contained.  So, off to Kent I went.

I snapped this lovely selfie in the car before going in...and, 30 minutes later...

GONE!  14 inches cut off and banded together so I could donate it to Children with Hair Loss and then another 4-6 inches chopped and shaped up from there to give me:

This look!  It's SOOOOOO short but I freaking love it.  Rosie was a tad (okay a lot) freaked out when I got home from getting it cut and it took her a good 15 minutes to warm up to me and my new 'do.  Patrick commented that I got my hair cut like his (ehh, kind of :), and Mike loves it too (or he's doing a convincing job of lying to me!) and it's sooooo easy to manage to just toss a clip in or a high top pony (to match Ro's antenna).  I'm sure I'm just starting my vicious cycle of short-long-short hair wanting, but whatevs.  I love it now, it'll be great for summer and so easy to manage! WOOT!

So, short and sweet post all about the big chop is done...happy Thursday friends!  I need a nap now after this big change yesterday and this one...which I'll blog about later :)

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